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I have some questions concerning an oft-discussed feature

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  • I have some questions concerning an oft-discussed feature

    OK, first-time poster here with some questions regarding that planned feature that'd allow us to transfer tables between apps. I'm aware my questions might not be answered (such is the nature of gaming development, I suppose), but I figure it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. So, with all that said, here we go:

    a) What's the status on this feature? Is it still being worked on (and if so, is there an estimate as to when it might be made available?), or was it too tricky to implement?

    b) Will it allow standalone apps to download tables purchased on the Zen Pinball ap, or will it only allow for the main app to download tables purchased on standalone apps? I only ask since the latter eventuality is the only one I've seen mentioned here in the forums, and knowing this could be useful to decide how to buy the upcoming Rebels and Age of Ultron tables.

    I apologize for the questions, and hope I don't sound too impatient (I'm only too happy to wait, but with the two new tables coming out soon, I'd like my purchases to be as informed as possible). Thank you for the attention!

    PS: After bingewatching Netflix's Daredevil over the weekend, I'd be over the moon if DD could have his own table! Whether based on the TV show or the comics, it'd be awesome either way!

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