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  • Folder containing all bought boards

    Not sure how normal it is to own all released boards. Brobably pretty normal for the more dedicated people here, but still, I would really appreciate the possibility to set the default starting page to a page containing all my purchased tables available to play without having to tap in and out of folders.
    The default board Sorcerer's lair, Walking dead, Football super league, and the coming soon Portal board are all located on the start page, but the classic Zen boards, Marvel, Star wars and South park have folders.
    I realize this is done for order's sake and to save space on the front page of the game, but I'd honestly rather have them all on one page, with a scroll feature if necessary.

    not by any means a big issue I have with the game, but big enough that I felt the need to make a topic about it, regardless of how much a jackass this makes me look like.

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