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    Originally posted by Galaron View Post
    I really love Zen Pinball 2, and have been playing it regularly for about 4 years. But the reality for me is that it crashes about 90% of the time. I'm on an iPad Pro 9.7", on iOS 10.2.1, and has routinely crashed for me on previous iPad Air 2 and on my iPad Air. I can only play it reliably in offline mode, but then sometimes some of my high scores are not auto updated.

    It's really frustrating because I have purchased 43 tables, which I believe is over $80 lifetime. Yet this is the one app in my dozens and dozens of apps of that routinely and predictable crashes because it simply doesn't know how to handle notifications. I love the new SW: RO table, but it is probably my last. I got up to 250M in a game last night, but because I forgot to go into airplane mode, the game just slows, freezes, and then crashes. I love your guy's product, but, seriously, this bug has existed for *years* and its costing you money. :-(

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