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The library needs a redesign on iOS.

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  • The library needs a redesign on iOS.

    I haven't played ZP on iOS in awhile but I was surprised to see the new layout of the table collection. My main complaint is the way the programmers decided to handle which icons are colored and which ones were "greyed" out. My first impression was that a lot of my tables some how got deleted. But they were indeed there. It turns out that you have to own all the tables in a category for the main icon to be colored. This is confusing (particularly to new players) and a poor design choice in my opinion. I believe that the "top-end" icons (those that bring up another menu like Zen, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox, South Park) should only be grey if you don't own ANY tables in that category. If for example, I only own Han Solo, the top-menu Star Wars icon should be colored not greyed out to indicate that I do have a playable table in that category.