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  • No Game Music

    Hey there,

    for some strange reason I don't have music in my Zen Pinball App on iOS.

    Yes, I triple-checked the settings in the menu. Yes, the device does have the volume turned up and all other sounds do exist. I even re-installed the app and it doesn't solve the problem, the app doesn't have any music from the start.

    Its an iPad Air 2.

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    Hi r3art!

    We are looking into the issue, meanwhile could you tell us a bit more about it? Have you updated your OS version and did it work with the older one? Since when are you experiencing the issue, can you remember if it happened around the time an update came to Zen Pinball? Thanks!


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      Hey there,

      I updated to iOS 10.3.1 and redownloaded the App - the sound was back - only to disappear completely again with the next launch of the App :/. Alain: Its not my fault - Volumes in the App-Settings and on the device are up, SFX is working.

      Weird sidenote: This never happened to me on an almost identical iPad Air 2


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        If it helps, I can record you a Video of the problem or maybe tell you my ID(?). Am I the only one with ths bug so far?