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  • Cannot purchase new tables

    Zen... I tried once before long ago to purchase new tables for my zen pinball. Purchase went through but NOTHING downloaded... Apple finally refunded that and I gave up.

    Well newer, upgraded computer later, and years have passed, thought I'd try it again.
    But this time at the point of checking out I got "processing...." FOREVER. Finally gave up.
    Thinking this time it might be an app store issue I contacted apple.

    This is a direct quote from the answer I got back.
    I have reviewed your case and found no issues that could prevent you from purchasing. However, since it appears the purchase isn’t going through, I recommend that you contact the developer of the app to see if there’s something that is preventing the app to complete the transaction.

    So here I am. The app store is USELESS. I'd buy another table and if it's near as good as sorcerer's lair I'd probably buy more.
    Do you have these for sale ANYWHERE OTHER than the app store? Say maybe ON YOUR OWN SITE?
    Or do I just give up again and settle for my one free game?