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  • Offline league for Zen Pinball 2 Mac

    I'm really grateful that I can play the new tables (since FX3 Universal) and especially the Williams / Bally tables on Mac Zen Pinball 2. It runs smoothly on my 2015 13" Macbook Pro and seems very similar to the Steam version in the way the ball, flippers etc. behave. It is, as far as I understand, more similar to the iOS version in design than the PC steam version. I have once installed and played, via Bootcamp, the Steam version of Pinball FX3 and it played horribly on my Mac so unfortunately that was not worth the effort.

    I do hope that Zen has future plans for Mac to bring it in line with the FX3 experience (even though I don't care one bit about the power-ups etc.) but they seem to be way to busy bringing out new Williams / Bally tables (which I don't mind honestly).

    My biggest frustrations with the current Zen Pinball 2 Mac version are: I am going to loose my tables once I buy a PC / XBox etc.; you can't save a game and continue later; there is no tournament mode; and there is no on-line leaderboard mode which makes it quite an isolating experience.

    I used to be pretty high up on the Xbox FX2 leaderboards and I loved the challenge of chasing down a top 20 score on all of the tables. Without that incentive I find it difficult to go for higher scores once I have beaten the Wizard mode of a table or reached a certain score that I deem significant.

    I would love to play in a Mac Zen Pinball 2 league if anybody else is interested? At this stage I will probably only be competitive on the Williams / Bally tables in Arcade physics mode as I don't have the time to put into i.e. a 3 hour Pasha game, to set a high score.
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