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Fixing Bugs on Droids Long Overdue

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  • Fixing Bugs on Droids Long Overdue

    There are 3 bugs in Droids that I have repeatedly asked be fixed and until two of them are, it makes the game UNPLAYABLE.

    The bugs appear in the Star Wars VR game with a PS5 and PSVR being utilized.


    -When playing the R2D2 side mode, half the time the ball FLOATS in the AIR when mode is finished. You must RESTART the game. You have NO CHOICE but to do so. My opinion is that the bug is tied to the Mandalorian table where when you lock a ball at top middle, the ball floats as well, but is designed to do so. It is NOT designed to do so in DROIDS.

    -Lastly, C3PO's narration is cut out about half the time making the table less enjoyable.

    Put that on the Pinball Show! Bug updates are welcomed!

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