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Apple silicon M1 slowdown since macOS Ventura

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  • Apple silicon M1 slowdown since macOS Ventura

    Hi, thank you for your flipper game. It is the best I've ever player :-)
    But now that I have upgraded my Mac mini M1 on macOS Ventura (don't know if the problem exists on macOS Big Sur or previous version), I have sort of slow down balls animations after few minutes (the balls and board animation are jerky).
    There no high CPU usages, and the only way to have "fluid" animations is simply pause the game, then switch to any other apps or desktop, and come back to zen pinball 2.
    As zen pinball 2 is still an intel app and not a universal one, do you plan to update zen pinball 2 for Mac to be "native" for apple silicon architecture ?
    I also try "zen pinball party", but it is unplayable on Mac because of storing delay between keyboard keypress and flipper moves on the screen (at least 1/2 seconds or so).

    I would be very happy to continue playing your game, let me now what you can do.