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  • New stunning pinball tables

    Hello! It's My name is Alexander. I am a fan of yours games. In general, I'm a big fan of pinball. In the future, I want to see Vaporwave-style tables from you very much, this genre is always relevant and very beautiful atmospheric and inspiring. (Zen Pinball Party) It would also be great to see something in the spirit of cyberpunk with neon lights, rain outside the window, and light haze. It would also be great to experiment with completely destructive tables and decorations in it, cracks, breakdowns, no one has done it before. It's futuristic. You can also have a naturally psychedelic table, with unpredictable scenarios and sound effects for meditation. You even have the company name Zen - especially for meditation! In general, I like everything, the new online mode is very cool! Thank you for being there. I wish you development and success!