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[Garfield] Game breaking bug

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  • [Garfield] Game breaking bug

    I locked ball 2/6 for Pizza Special MB and a dmd display gave the option to “Start Multiball” or “Lock More Balls.” There is no timer for selecting an option and an on screen button did not pop up to allow me to make a selection. Therefore, the game was waiting for me to make a selection that I physically couldn’t make. I tried to tilt the machine to end the ball but that didn’t work. I also didn’t touch anything for around a minute to see if the ball find mechanic would kick on, to no avail. Had to end my game.

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    Thank you very much for the report, we have heard about this issue from other players also. It has been reported to the developers who are investigating the situation, hopefully, they will be able to find the solution soon. Thank you very much for your patience!
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    Zen Studios


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      Just downloaded the update which specifically addressed this issue. But why wasn’t this a delta update? Don’t enjoying wasting nearly 3 GB of my data cap for such a minor fix.