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    Hello to the fine folks at Zen Studios,

    I recently started Playing Pinball Party on Apple Arcade and I think it’s pretty amazing. It takes me back to when I first discovered Zen Pinball and found all of these awesome new tables to play.
    I have a suggestion and a question.
    My question: does anyone know of a device that allows or good way to set up playing with a game controller since it’s just in vertical mode? My phone holder/controller thingy only allows for Horizontal positioning.
    Which brings me to my suggestion: Could we get an option to play the game with the screen horizontal? It would help my controller issue for sure, and while a pinball game table is a natural fit for a screen in vertical, on an iPhone the screen is so small that it’s tough to see everything. I think an horizontal mode, with maybe a few more camera angles (akin to how Zen Pinball 2 is played on Vita) would be even better. The Vita was my favorite platform for ZP2 and I could see the iPhone becoming something similar, as long as I can play with a controller attached. I can manage the flippers on a touch screen decently, but I find saving drains from the outlanes nearly impossible and bang backs completely impossible by touch controls. Every time I’ve tried I’ve almost dropped my new $1,000 iPhone (which is crazy and I didn’t pay nearly that much to get it).

    Thank you to all involved for another fantastic Pinball game. You guys continue to be the best in the world at what you do.