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Next you add in a few levels of rogue, specifically the Thug variant (Advanced Player's Guide 135).
You gain Frightening, which automatically increases the length
a target is demoralized from intimidate by 1 round, and if a target would be shaken for 4 or more rounds the thug can instead make the target frightened.

At 3rd level you gain Brutal Beating, letting you sacrifice
1d6 of sneak attack to sicken an opponent for half your rogue level in rounds.

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Of course, there is something to be said for more traditional tunes as well.
A rousing song might allow allies to better coordinate, fighting
to the rhythm of the bard's tune. A simple tune plucked on a
mandolin could relax the trapsmith, allowing him to make better progress on the job than if he was working
in silence.

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