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According to her sister, Willa, Gertrude Ward recognized Clara's exceptional musical ability when Clara was a child, and controlled and manipulated her throughout her life.[citation needed] In her biography of
Clara, Willa attests that Gertrude worked to prevent Clara from forming
any romantic attachments. Although Clara eloped as a teenager (at age 17 in 1941), her mother forced her to
tour and wigs online the strain caused the always frail Clara to have a miscarriage.[citation needed] Her marriage ended after only one year.
Willa describes Clara as explaining her occasional lesbian encounters
as the sexual expression likely to escape her mother's notice.[citation needed] Her only real happiness seems to
have come from her longtime romance with Rev.

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Olivia's says "Sing!" with a few music notes, Anna makes a
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The relationships between the various associates in Oswald's extended trading empire grew: John Levett was
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