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I worried so much about the decision. We even went one more round of antibiotics (his
5th course in those 3 months) to see if it would clear up.
Two days after finishing, back comes the fever. From small town Oregon, the son of a
pastor, an avid angler who once hooked a 52 pound king salmon, or so the story goes, dislikes the
term midmajor and the perpetual notion that he will eventually depart.
His story, the story of Gonzaga basketball, a real
whopper in its own right, always returns to a simple
question. On a Monday.

In the first half, we were down by two touchdowns, but our kids didn't bat an eye.
They said, 'Coach, we'll get 'em.' I thought we'd never
come back, but there wasn't a doubt in their minds.
Well, we won, 17 12, and from then on we got tougher
than nails.".

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Squash, Association football
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