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    Sticky: Hi Barbie I did post a thread but did not get...

    Hi Barbie

    I did post a thread but did not get a decent answer and have generally looked around, but cannot seem to get some decent knowledge on what I need to know. So I thought I would go to the...
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    Is there an Australian Pinball Guild?

    Is there an Australian Pinball Guild.
  3. How to level up and use Wizard Powers (specifically Skyrim) on PC

    I have maxed out all challenges and cannot seem to be able to find out how to level up and more importantly use Wizard powers on PC.
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    Great Alien Bundle

    Have mainly only played AVP so far and that is only on Major Noob mode (ten balls and so forth). But I think it is looking by far the best for excitability play. The movie was like that, the Rock n...
  5. They stole my idea I tell ya!

    They are going to have give me royalties! (or something) I had the same idea, though mine, I must admit, is a little bit less realistic. To start with, my version you would need a cigarette smoke...
  6. VR Pinball - Mates and all

    Does this mean we could upload video grabs of our mates standing besides us as we play? Sometimes sticking wet fingers in your ears, blowing cigarette smoke in your face and other various distracting...
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