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  1. FOR ADMINS: Immediate action needs to be take about a member!

    To the admins of the forum, I would like to report a member, carlaribeiro1234 for replying to a post I made regarding error messages in MATCH UP on Xbox. Their reply was solicitation of a website...
  2. Problems occurring in MATCH UP -ERROR MESSAGES on Xbox

    In MATCH UP on Xbox when I want to play on a table a message pops up and states,"ERROR-It seems you can't access online features.......'' I am not having problems with my internet or I'm offline....
  3. Oh,well!!What can ya do,except play on!

    @LaserFokus Yeah,it does suck.But,I don't give up that easily!It is a grind,I'll admit,but,I love challenges and competition.So,you have to take the bad with the good.That's gaming.I agree they...
  4. UGH! I lost my rank in Match Up League today!

    :( I acquired Silver lll medal today on Match Up League (this is on XBOX,btw). I was movin up on the Silver lll leaderboard, had about 2,000 something in points.I got off the game to do errands.Came...
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    Sticky: Hellooooooo,fellow ball whackers!

    How's it spinning,y'all? Lovin' the Pinball FX 3 ! Except for the errors when they occurr. Oh,well! That's gaming! I'm always up for a challenge.I'm very competitive;ask my husband.LOL I always give...
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    Awesome! 🙂👍

    That's freakin' aaaaaaaawesome! You did an amazing job! LOVE IT! YOU ROCK!😎👍 Do you restore pinball tables also?
  7. Anybody from the Tulsa/Oklahoma City Area???

    HIYA, FELLOW BALL WHACKERS! If anybody is from the Tulsa / Oklahoma City area and wanna meet up and whack some balls together(get your minds outta the gutter,guys!LOL); play pinball,we can try to...
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    I would love to join your group on Facebook but..........

    I hardly go on Facebook or Twitter anymore. I always seem to find myself deactivating my accounts on them.Too much bs on them.
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    Nes pinball games

    Check out "High Speed" & "Pinbot" for the NES.I think you can find emulators for them. I used to looooove playin' these two machines in the arcades.
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    My wishlist would be.........

    #1) Halloween #2) Friday the 13th #3) Stephen King's IT #4) Nightmare On Elm St. #5) The Excorist #6) Hobo With A Shotgun #7) The Fly #8) Desperate Housewives of NJ (LOL-JUST KIDDING!!!!)
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    Hiya,everybody! How's it spinning?

    Hiya,everybody!How's it spinning? I'm a 46 yr. old woman who looooooooves whackin' balls....playing pinball!Get your mind outta the gutter guys.LOL I've been playing since I was a lil' girl.So,I'm an...
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