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    Mode idea for Zen Pinball

    My kids and I play this game where we race to a score. So I thought to myself "I bet this would make a cool mode for future releases. I wonder if the forums have an ideas section. I wonder what the...
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    Sticky: I know it's an old thread but I wanted to pipe in...

    I know it's an old thread but I wanted to pipe in and share the sentiment of "WTF Nintendo"?!

    I wanted to DVDs and a carton of juice in it. Therefore, obvious choice, WiiU! I was keen to see how...
  3. Query - Why can't I import tables bought on PS4 to PS3/Vita versions?

    Hi guys,

    I recently made the move from Tablet/Phone/PC pinball to console pinball. I chose PlayStation as the cross platform play was the best.

    I bought a bunch of my favourite tables,...
  4. Sticky: Cool idea. I play on PS3, Vita and PS4....

    Cool idea. I play on PS3, Vita and PS4. Nobyl_Chickan.

    Also play on phone (Chickan117 - swarm) and Windows tablet (Xbox Live - Chickan117) if anyone's there too.

    Would love to have more people...
  5. How do you tilt when using touch controls (Surface Pro)?

    Pretty much what the title suggests. Just wondering how I can tilt the table when using the touch controls.

    I have no problems if a keyboard is plugged in but that kinda removes the joy from...
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