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    Fish Tales, PS4 pro, turning music vol down not...

    Fish Tales, PS4 pro, turning music vol down not working! While in the options menu I can hear how the music vol is changing, but going back to the table it changes nothing. Just a little bug, but...
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    EU/ger no Ant-man import possible

    Same here. German Store/PSN. Tried ingame import via square button, singleplayer buy and direct store purchase with no luck.
    Maybe not all stores are updated the same time. Will check later.
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    I already tried it, but no luck. Also had a...

    I already tried it, but no luck.

    Also had a wizard score bug, where it shows 15,xxx,xxx,xxx points after I played a sp session ghost rider.
    I made an extra thread for it.
  4. Bug!? Wizardscore after playing Ghost Rider 15,166,682,638 ^^


    seems like a bug to me. I have played a hand full of tables and after playing a single player match ghost rider the wizardscore went wild.
    PSN nick is Alkuk

    Thanks for your great support...
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    Ant-man issue here too

    Yes, will do.
    Bought it on PS3/Vita and it is the only table that is not "detected" via ingame import.
    Just posting so OP is not alone ;-)
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    EU/ger - 64 out of 65 tables are now available to me - Ant-man still not there

    I imported All previous bought tables except Ant-man now. Nice!
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    I had the same issue. After downloading a few...

    I had the same issue. After downloading a few tables from the store directly, I restarted the game and cecked the import ingame via square button and now it worked. Now most of the other tables are...
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    I own all PS3/4/Vita tables - can import some for free, other will charge me ... hm

    Hi there,

    with this new addicting version I'm back and happy to play some more pinball.

    Right now it seems there are a few issues with importing tables.
    Has anyone here the same problem being...
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    Nice suggestion

    Nice list!
    I'd also like to see a category like highest/lowest local score tables. Also list tables per highest/lowest rank among my friends.
    And please add a mute button for the music while in...
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    Vita Issue here too

    Similar issue here:

    Have'nt checked PS3, but Vita will redownload it everytime, even after restart redownload via shop.
    3-4 times now.
    PSN is Alkuk
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    Same issue here, just one friend showing up ...

    ... On some tables!? But on most of them there is nobody.
  12. How about ingame-challenges besides Trophies?

    If you ask me, it would be nice if Zen would add ingame Missions, Challenges whatever you
    may call them. See Diablo 3 for example.

    Could be a nice motivation and they can seperate this from all...
  13. Next Zen Pinball incarnation, new tables - What I would like to see


    I'd like to post some ideas that came to mind while playing.
    Not sure, but I think it does'nt fit in the theme-thread, otherwise move it ^^
    And of course I don't know if some of them has...
  14. Problem solved - Zen Studios support is great - thank you!

    Hi there,

    just wanted to post the solution in my case:

    All tables became available for purchase after I bought at least one table! Without owning at least one, "you are missing an unlock key"...
  15. Appreciate your quick answers

    I know this. Have read a lot in this forum.
    The table library for PS3 lists exact 30 tables, the one for PS4 40 tables on my sytems now.
    If these are all available tables, ok.

    Maybe another...
  16. zero

    Ok, hm ...
    I own zero tables for PS3 and Vita and just the free one for PS4. Bought over 30 tables for Xbox 360 though and
    like I mentioned in the first post here I thought about changing the...
  17. One more: Tables like F4, SFII, Epic Quest etc. Are not available for PS3 ...

    In the german PSN-store. Is the reason, because they belong to ZP1, which is delisted and because I dont own ZP1 I am not able to get these tables for PS3 or Vita anymore!? Via PS4 I can purchase...
  18. Scores seem to update after a few days

    Same here with SLair ... Now the entry is local AND online. Played it about 10 days ago.
  19. There are more

    Sorry, just checked all tables and it seems a lot of them are not buyable. Epic quest, civil war, captain america, fantastic four, edf, paranormal etc. is this a sony fault or am i doing something...
  20. Ups, same with Streetfighter II Table

    I just checked via Ipad-Browser and there you can see all versions of NG and SF2 and all are "purchase not possible"!
    Like I said, I m sure this is the case for month!

    Would be glad if you can...
  21. PS3 Search

    I m checking via PS3 PS Store. And 2 NG hits appear: NG trial and unlock both for Vita and none of them is available for purchase or download. So there is no copyright issue or something? I can send...
  22. Same here Sorcerers Lair (PS4)

    I made a nice score (at least for me) of 61 Million and I was 3rd rank among my friends.
    Now the score just shows up in local highscores. Friends rank is 27 Mill like a few days before ...

  23. Ninja Gaiden table not available anymore in germany - will it come back?


    I am wondering if the NG table will come back so I can buy it?

    If I search PSN for it one table will show up and it says "not available for purchase" and beneath that "learn more..."....
  24. Thank you shogun00!

    No word on upcoming Pinball FX3/Zen Pinball 3? ;-)
  25. Sony-Platforms: a lot of Questions - Cross-*** Features, table lists etc.

    Hi there,

    I'm a fan for years and own a lot of tables on my Xbox 360. Since I rarely play on this console anymore due to PS4-release, I would
    purchase this nice game(s) for my Sony-Systems.
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