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  1. First things to do to a garage-stored, unmaintained machine?

    My parents are moving out of their old house and I just picked up one of the machines we used to have in the basement when I was a kid, Cyclone. It hasn't been turned on in... probably 10 years,...
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    Off topic: 1UP arcade units.!!

    I don’t know where else to post this, and I appreciate r/pinball wisdom more than any other similar place.

    I’ve seen the 1UP mini arcade machines (3/4 size I think, 17” LCD) for $200-$350. I...
  3. How to adjust virtual nudge sensitivity in Steam version

    I won't get into a full tutorial regarding purchasing a Freescale KL25Z, installing Pinscape or fully configuring x360ce as that info is readily available elsewhere but I thought the tip below might...
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