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    No Stange in Poland?

    Hey, I should be able to purchase anything available on the European PSN, right? Doctor Strange is listed online as being available, yet doesn't appear on my PSN or Zen Pinball 2 menu screens. Could...
  2. Thank you all very much!

    Very thorough and expertly drafted! Thanks again!
  3. How's About a Concise List of all Table Skill Shot Requirements?

    Yeah, yeah. There's guides a'plenty specifyin' such things. But wouldn't be the bees knees just to have every table's skill shots and the arcane maneuvers necessary to land them all IN ONE HANDY...
  4. Sticky: Thanks For the Bucketful of Responses!

    Oddly, several of you were rejected by the Sony-Gods, by decree that "you cannot send more than one friend request to the same person.". I checked, and... I didn't. Oh, well. The Gods they are a...
  5. Huntsville, waaaay on the other side from you....

    Huntsville, waaaay on the other side from you. Not only do we share a common state of the union, I'm also a HUGE fan of Warren Worthington III, a.k.a "Angel, Archangel, Death, and Dark Angel". Nice...
  6. The Operation Was a Complete Success!

    For some Sony-esque reason, the network would or could not access my bank account. It would have been nice if only it had told me so rather than the mysterious AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED (80023102), but...
  7. Tightening the Noose

    In Alabama. Just after confirming purchase. Using my bank card. PSN hotline told me maybe I'd overused my bank card, and the bank may have put a hold on as a precaution. The bank said, "nah, you're...
  8. AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED (80023102) ::What does it MEAN??::

    System: PS3
    Tables Involved: SFII; Paranormal; Earth Defense; Classic Pack (TESLA, El Dorado, SHAMAN, and V12)
    The above error message is what I get...
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    Speak SLowly and Use Small Words

    "Pretend" that I'm rilly rilly dumb, and didn't read ANY of the prior postings. I mean, REALLY pretend, here. So, I just download ZP2, and if it were crack, I'd be homeless and doing awful things for...

    Let's compete! Let's be competitive pals! My psn ID is MIMISIAK. What's yours?
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