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    Well Done Zen!

    Great News and not very far away either. Hopefully there will be more to follow. Zen could do 10+ tables with this partnership. More like Roctober, THANKS ZEN, you ROCK!
  2. Huge Appoligy to everyone at Zen!!!!!

    So I Just read the thread, Pinball Fx2 on Xbox One FAQ, very thoroughly this time. SO SORRY to EVERYONE at ZEN STUDIOS and you too Barbie. Never post when you are angry and uninformed. I hope that...
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    More Star Wars Tables, I'm all in.

    How about one of the Timothy Zahn Novels?
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    Sticky: GotG is a huge surprise

    Just bought an Xbox One. I'm so excited and anxious for FX2s release on their platform. Counting the days and hours. I'm happy to hear that GotG will be available it should look amazing on xbox uno.
  5. Do you still get the PS Vita Version Free when you purchase the PS3 Version?

    Just went on the PS Network to buy the new tables, but decided to wait for XBOX 360 versions. The reason is because PSN isn't showing that you get both versions (PSVita & PS3) with only one purchase....
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    Deep please do a basketball themed table!

    You could do NBA teams. Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Spurs, Bulls, etc. I love the new futbol themed table. When I saw the preview video, I thought it looked okay, but after playing the game. I have to say...
  7. Isn't the overall Score your real Achievement?

    Will Zen include Achievements on Xbox One for future tables, or have limits been reached on both systems?
  8. What happened to the Star Wars tournaments for the second set of three???

    After almost giving up on checking the tournament logo. They were finally there, Stars Wars tournies with no scores, CRAZY. First, ROTJ rebuts its score every week. Then, no tournies for months, and...
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    Dr. Strange is absolutely incredible, he is Sorcerer Supreme

    All 6 new Star Wars tables are great, but Dr. Strange has proved worth the wait. I could go on for hours about how extremely marvelous the flow is on this table. Once again Zen a Brilliant table. The...
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    Lepruk86 don't harsh our mellow

    When you were an English teacher you had purpose. Now, even though you may have disliked your job, you need that purpose. The students gave you that more than anything else in your life. Pinball will...
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    Fantastic 4 Quote

    I find it hard to believe that this Quote didn't get posted. F4 after hitting her orbit while on a combo Susan Storm exclaims, " Keep it up! " I always imagine Jessica Alba saying it, of course.
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    I am trippin' on your post bro, good stuff.

    Friday & Saturday? Really? This theory is cracking me up dude. I know that after obtaining both kickbacks and the ball saver on any table any player plays with less stress. Freeing the body and mind,...
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    Sticky: Thanks again deep!

    Went from IG to Spiderman to F4. All 3 of these tables have a great flow & feel. Thanx deep, I suppose I just won't lose the ball when facing Galactus in the future.
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    Sticky: is this normal for Fantastic 4 or a glitch?

    During Galactus Wizard mode on F4, I lost the ball SDTM, but had the negative zone ball save active. The hole opens up but you are given a ball out message on the dot matrix and must start the...
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    Still wanting ZP2

    Today I went to check out a Vita to purchase. ( I won't buy one until zen releases ZP2) I was looking at the 3G version and realized that you have to pay $15 for the service. I'm not sure if I want...
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    Iron Maiden, like all musical groups, would be an incredible pinball experience.

    Just think of The Trooper mission on the Piece of Mind table. Run to the Hills mission on the Number of the Beast table. Aces High mission on the Powerslave table. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son...
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    So this is where you go to wash your pinBalls.

    The Billionaire's Club, I never thought I would make it here, but I have now broken though to the other side a couple of times. I believe that I have bested a Billion on 6 tables now. Several tables...
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    Sticky: I also want to drop my IG knowledge

    Shoryuken, I'm diggin' your passon M8, so here's some things that I believe I know from the tournament. Successful Power shots for an extra ball only total 5 possibly 6 at most, but they must be...
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    Sticky: Do You ever update your guides?

    Shoryuken thanks for the guides. They are usually very helpful. Just a couple of Qualms though. I was reading your spiderman guide and it is very vague to say the least. Can you explain his spider...
  20. we are talking about pinball, right?

    Beating high scores isn't herculean, it's pinball man, it's supposed to entertain. Just have with it. The Superscore system is slightly flawed, We all know this, but stop treating it like it's the...
  21. Bravo to Deep and to everyone at Zen Studios

    I love the tournaments, because they force you to play tables that you normally don't, and get you to be a better pinball player. Deep, Infinity Gauntlet is spectacular and truly perfect in all...
  22. I've been robbed!

    I want to start by saying that his tournament was quirky from the get go.( No fault belongs to you, BarbieBobomb) That being said I had a great experience, even though my last and best score didn't...
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    Plus you should already have FX2 pinball on XBOX!

    BarbieBobomb what's with that dude trying to put every one in panic mode? Chill man, it will be out very soon. No need for your "Theories".
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    Plus you shoud already have FX2 pinball on XBOX!

    Come on Brussels Crow don't be like that, spreddin' gossip and propaganda.
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    I can hardly wait

    [QUOTE=BarbieBobomb;30433]Yes, you can turn it vertically! I played pretty much all of what was on the test kit, I think all of the tables were there if I remember correctly :) I played each table...
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