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    No Arcade Stick for ZP2 on PS4 !

    I have just tested it on my PS4 :

    it is NOT recognised by the PS4 (not at all : no button or joystick is on/available).

    The plug in the USB of the PS4 has absolutly no effect on the PS4.
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    New ZP2 available for PS4 ! (Europe)

    Yes !!!!

    I have installed it, and it's great !!

    Many thanks !!

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    ZP2 PS3 pinball sticks compatible with PS4 ?

    I have an arcade stick with 2 dedicated buttons for pinball emulation to play ZP2 on my ps3.

    Does this arcade stick will be usable on my PS4 in ZP2 ?

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    Europe release date for Zen Pinball 2 on PS4 ?

    Hi Barbie,

    Do you please have a release date for ZP2 on the European PSN for PS4 ?

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    Sticky: Wii U and 3DS : pay one and have 2 versions as PS3/Vita tables ?

    :)I love my new Wii U, and I will have a look on ZP2 for Wii U !

    But, these questions need answers from Zen Studios :confused: :

    - 1080p ?
    - Portrait mode on the Gamepad ?

    and more...
  6. yes, it works very well ! love it...

    Yes, I'm mysefl even a bit surprised to have such a so good feeling with this pinball controls simulator...

    It gives to ZP2 a very good approach to a real pinball simulator... :p

    (Now, just...
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    Thanks a lot for the code !

    :pYesssssssss ! :o

    Many thanks for the code BarbieBobomb !
    Congrats again for this great ZP2 game to all the Zen Studios team,

  8. Whaooo what a look X Dr !

    Yes, the look of yours is nice...
    better than mine, but i'm a newbie in these kind of arcade stick mods.
    Yours looks like a pro one, so you must be one ! ;)

    Good job X Dr !
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    Europe - France ! (Many thanks in advance !)

    Europe - France !
    (Many thanks in advance !)
  10. My Pinball Arcade Stick mod !

    My brand new Pinball arcade stick mod for Zen Pinball 2 is ready ! :cool:

    Based on a Madcatz WWE All Stars Brawlstick,

    - 2 new side US type buttons dedicated to pinball use (one on each side of...
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    S3D a really new dimension for ZP2 !

    Agreed !

    Yes, playing this ZP2 with Nvidia 3D Vision 2 is really so big !
    The difference between the game in 2D and in S3D is really hudge...

    You can really "feel" the ball on the table, have...
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    3D ZP2 is fantastic !

    Yes, I have posted already about the superbe quality of the 3D in ZP2 !

    I play ZP2 on a 27" Asus VG278H connected to PS3 in HDMI, and @ a distance of 24" froem the screen, the quality of the 3D...
  13. French modding...

    Many thanks for your reply,

    No, my stick is not already in Sanwa...

    And thanks for the confirmation of the usage of american buttons for pinball use (L/R on each side of mine).

    BTW, I'm also...
  14. Changing my type of button for surface also ?

    Thanks X DrLobo for your reply,

    in fact the L/R pinball/flipper buttons (each sides of the box) will be US types ones, as you mention on your picture and in your posts...
    So I think they are the...
  15. Modding in progress...

    Many thans for your replies,

    I am in the process of a new mod based on an Madcatz arcade stick (used 2 months, paid 35€) : PS3 WWE All Stars - Brawl Stick;
    modding in progress with the help of a...
  16. To build a dedicated pinball controls box for PS3 ZP2, yes !

    I have contacted a site which sell interface for PS3 and buttons to buy the different parts needed.

    I need to build a "wood box" to insert the different parts in it.

    It will be more simple in...
  17. Many thanks, I should want to follow your advice...

    Many thanks,
    I should want to follow your advice !

    you seem well to know this type of product... (I am a newbie in this arcade stick matter, sorry) :

    so do you know if it's analogic or digital...
  18. Many thanks for your answer, I need answers for...

    Many thanks for your answer,
    I need answers for these side buttons on an arcade stick (analog or digital), and maybe I could try to find a model already "ready to play" for my PS3 ZP2, even a second...
  19. Which arcade stick with pinball buttons possible for ZP2 ?

    I love my new ZP2 on PS3 (in 3D), and I would have more precision controls (and feeling) than the official Sixaxis PS3 Controler.

    So, I try to find a "dedicated" arcade stick with pinball buttons...
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    Sticky: Now full version is ok !

    Now, on the EUR PS Store, it's fixed.
    You can unlock these tables of the Classics pack (unlock is downloadable).
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    Sticky: Classic Pack (Eldorado...) has no unlock in EUR PS Store for Vita (only demo)

    The Classics Pack (Eldorado...) has only a demo version in EUR PS Store.
    Not possible to install the full version of the Classsics pack even using the inApp "buying" mecanism :
    it says "no content...
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    Sticky: Sorcerer's Lair has no unlock

    Same with Socerer's Lair !
    ("this product can't be puchased with your account" screen on the EU PSN)

    EDIT :
    in fact SL is ok (you must use the inApp "buying mecanism) !
    The problem for Vita is...
  23. Thread: Release date??

    by DanHD

    Europe release date : 5th Sept ?

    ZP2 is not available in the EUR PS Store (PS3 or Vita) today (5th Sept) @ 01 pm...

    Is today the release date for EUR ?
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    "Real" buttons feature for Portrait mode in the next patch ?

    Sorry of not seeing this "real" buttons feature for Portrait mode in the ZP2 initial release... :mad:

    When do you think that will come, in the next patch ? :rolleyes:

    Many thanks in advance, it...
  25. :) Many thanks BarbieBobomb, so, what is the...

    :) Many thanks BarbieBobomb,

    so, what is the result of your hands on a Vita with ZP2 : Real or Virtual buttons on Vita Portrait mode ? :confused:

    Release day is today, in a few hours.......
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