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    Excalibur skill shot

    Something i think needs fixing in iOS: to get the skill shot on excalibur, you need to be able to see the whole table.

    Unfortunately every time a ball is launched, the table defaults to the...
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    Unfortunately iOS closes (and resets) apps after...

    Unfortunately iOS closes (and resets) apps after a little while (about an hour), so when you relaunch the app it boots up from scratch again and you cant continue on from you last game. Are you using...
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    Saving a game on iOS.

    If ZEN are to take the iOS platform seriouslly, they really need to program a "save" feature into the app.

    Any serious player who wants to reach the dizzy heights of a top 100 place on any table,...
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    Recovering drain balls.

    Is it possible on ZEN iOS tables to recover the ball as it rolls down the drain by nudging the table? I've tried so many times, but the table keeps tilting and buzzing me.

    Any suggestions would...
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    Sticky: Transferring purchases

    The good people at Gameprom have managed to do this with tables purchased in Pinball HD - which are automatically transferred to Pinball Collection - a completely seperate app.

    Are you certain...
  6. Ok thanks. I hope it's sooner rather than...

    Ok thanks.

    I hope it's sooner rather than later. Not having GC support on one of your showcase tables is pretty lame...

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  7. iOS Game Center support for Return of the Jedi table

    I can't find my scores for the Return of the Jedi table on the iOS Game Center. Does anyone know why?

    I also notice the Darth Vader table is not supported, nor the Startfighter Assault table.
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