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  1. Full tilt bundle for PlayStation 3!!!

    I own all of the tables already on Xbox 360 and the Xbox One and now have decided to also buy PlayStation 3 and soon a PlayStation 4. I've been buying tables for the Playstation 3 a few at a time,...
  2. Iron Man glitch? At last a good glitch.!!!

    So playing on Iron man and trying to beat Ultimo and failing. I noticed that if you have both kickbacks lit and the ball drains down the center, if I pause before the after ball scoring starts, when...
  3. Hotseat multiple controller support?

    When I am playing hotseat games with my wife, it is a hassle passing the controller back and forth.

    I would love to see Zen add a Guest controller mode for at least a 2nd controller.

    I am not...
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