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  1. yes. Took longer for me than some of the...

    yes. Took longer for me than some of the others. Others were reportng that importing was fixed for them ( people with similar import bug ).... but it took roughly 24-28 hours I guess for the...
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    I'm running the alpha dashboard myself, however,...

    I'm running the alpha dashboard myself, however, I am not turning off the game. Actually, as of now, after the patch, its moot, because now when trying to import via the X button, it just gives...
  3. Literally getting " Import Failed " now - xbox 1 Only have the free table.

    Could not import before patch

    Before . 109 tables imported, but stuck in permanent store error loop

    No tables other than 1 free one. game cannot find tables to DL

    NOW ... Import...
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    no help all

    Xbox One importing now entirely messed up for me. It cannot even complete the import scan now. It fails

    havent been able to import before this, and this patch made it worse

    All I get now is ...
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    Still in the same boat.

    you nailed it.

    I have been battling with this since day one. The store was stuck in an endless loop. I cannot rectify anything with a Win 10 app, because I do not use any Win 10 devices.

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    Help narrow the issue down then for a lot of us.

    Blanket statement or not. Lets bypass that and get down to why nothing is working for a lot of us on the XBOX One. What is the common factor why I, nor my friends with access to any tables other...
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    Yes. None of this makes any sense. I am...

    Yes. None of this makes any sense. I am seriously wondering if anyone has gotten ANY XBOX One tables to import over that they originally bought on the 360. I stuck with Zen Studios for years,...
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    None of this went smoothly for the XBOX One

    Not a single table will import. It gets stuck in an endless store loop. This is a blatant case of developers not having a clue how Microsoft...
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    Unable to DL ANY tables XBOX One. This game WILL get deleted fast

    It shows 109 tables are now linked to account.

    After that, I am stuck in an endless XBOX STORE loop, where basically it cannot find the item.

    As someone mentioned above.... I CANNOT manage...
  10. agree

    That is one of the reasons, I won't touch another Zen table without trying the trial first. I have both the 360 & X1 versions, and Zen hasn't been able to release hardly any tables without some kind...
  11. Venom Trial refuses to download for me on the Xbox 360 .

    I have been trying for well over 24 hours now to get the Trial version of Venom to download onto my 360. Every time, it just sits at 0% progress, and then gives an error that it cannot download the...
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    This situation is bad

    This really is a bad situation. From a PR standpoint, it really is a disservice to the customers at this point.
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    Sticky: Table xfers

    GT: Twigleaf Twigs

    Earth Defense
    Marvel table that was released same day
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    Sticky: On topic

    As I posted on about page 3 of this thread...

    I am pretty certain, that this "new" batch of table import problems, is because the new releases were originally Pinball FX 1 tables. I think even...
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    Sticky: Theory . Since this is an OOOOOLLLDDD set of tables

    Theory..... Could the transfer issues be related to the fact, that tables were imported in from Pinball FX 1 (ONE). When FX2 was released, the 360 easily transferred tables in from the early FX1...
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    Sticky: Same prob. 360 tables not importing

    XBOX 1 Gamertag: Twigleaf Twigs

    Add me to the list where tables are not importing. The 3 newest released sets are still wanting me to pay. That would be Excalibur, Earth Defense, and the latest...
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    A possible explanation to why this is happening. Its long, but I think it holds merit

    About 3 weeks ago, I had issues on my XBOX One, where I noticed it was no longer showing transaction history, along with any local currency, or credit in my account, that I could use toward...
  18. A small update

    Out of patience, I just stopped playing the game, in hopes it would sort itself out. I have absolutely no idea if the achievement issue is fixed or not, but I did get 2 to pop that I do remember...
  19. Game not giving my Profile credit for achievements. Then it resets them to unearned.

    I just picked this up on the XBOX One. In the game, I earn an " in-game " achievement.... showing a badge, and then on the achievement tab, it shows that I have completed it. These are the...
  20. Achievements are not working

    Same boat as BBIAJ. Pathfinder & Stockpiler. I am not getting any credit for achievements at all. These are the sorcerers lair 25+ ones, not just the dlc. In the game, I get a badge, and the...
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    Sticky: Just want to verify....

    According to FAQ, transfers are one way street. From 360 to Xbox One only. Not vice versa.

    So, we should basically go buy any missing X1 tables we "want" on the 360 first. No sense in buying...
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