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  1. Default Looking for a cyclone or hurricane pinball!!!!

    I am located in Arizona and will drive to pick up to surrounding states of Arizona. I will pay with PayPal friends and family so no fees for you. Looking to get it for my wife. She played cyclone...
  2. Android Challenge rewards issue - Easy rewards for Hard challenges?

    I've noticed something funny on Challenges - specifically when buying a New Challenge with tickets as opposed to letting the timer complete (it may happen when letting the timer complete as well -...
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    “GORGAR SPEAKS!” (very softly)!!

    So I can barely hear Gorgar’s sound and that’s only if I put my head under the table. It was working before so I want to say that there’s a loose wire to the main speaker but I don’t get why there...
  4. Does the Data East Robocop game have a score rollover?

    I just played a really good round, I believe it was 11 jumps, two extra balls, two claimed multiball jackpots and two ED 209 millions. I watched my score keep climbing into the 9 million range and...
  5. Can anyone help with my flipper problem????

    I have recently bought a 1977 Star Explorer pinball machine. (I only bought it as like a start to getting pinball machines) But, whe, I first got it, it worked mostly fine. Sometimes the flippers...
  6. Does anyone know why you are only allowed to use the pinball outlanes once?

    On every pinball machine, there are outlanes. 2 holes on the outer side of the machine. When you are playing, and the ball enters one of these holes, the ball shoots back into play. However, there is...
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