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    I installed Zen Pinball 2 and all 75 Pinballs I...

    I installed Zen Pinball 2 and all 75 Pinballs I purchased on a new Mac. After starting it there were no Highscores stored and there is no window for putting the initials in anymore. Then I tried to...
  2. Still no luck!

    Did not work for me, same problem: "Authentication Error. Please try again later" after starting the download of any table.
    The re-purchase button in the right corner does nothing as well.
  3. Still no help for the "Lost Table" problem

    Hi there at Zen Studios,

    I don't wanna be a nagger, but why is it not possible to get an answer to my posting...
  4. Hello you guys at Zen? Anyone?

    Is there any conclusion on my posting?
    Is there an update of Zen Pinball for iOS in production?

    When can I play again?
  5. After pressing one of the Tables, a window opens...

    After pressing one of the Tables, a window opens and it says 'downloading', a second after that it says 'Authentification Error. Please try again later'
  6. This does not work

    The shopping cart button does not work. When i hit it, nothing happens.

    Download of Excalibur, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor and Epic Quest (I purchased all of them) and purchase of
  7. After the update all purchased tables are gone

    After trying to install "Fantastic Four" without any luck, I made an uninstall of "Zen Pinball".
    After sychronizing again, all tables (exept Sorcerer's Lair) are gone and it is impossible
    to to...
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