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  1. TOTAN: Far Basket Skill Shot Question!!

    I was lucky enough to grab TOTAN earlier this year after having only ever played it digitally. Is the far basket skill shot just notoriously difficult to get to register or is there a...
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    Full tilt bundle for PlayStation 3!!!

    I own all of the tables already on Xbox 360 and the Xbox One and now have decided to also buy PlayStation 3 and soon a PlayStation 4. I've been buying tables for the Playstation 3 a few at a time,...
  3. Iron Man glitch? At last a good glitch.!!!

    So playing on Iron man and trying to beat Ultimo and failing. I noticed that if you have both kickbacks lit and the ball drains down the center, if I pause before the after ball scoring starts, when...
  4. Hotseat multiple controller support?

    When I am playing hotseat games with my wife, it is a hassle passing the controller back and forth.

    I would love to see Zen add a Guest controller mode for at least a 2nd controller.

    I am not...
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