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    STEAM FX3 Sales today!

    Steam sales on FX3 today!

    31% off Zen originals Season 2 bundle
    60% off Iron and Steel pack
  2. Any idea, guys?

    Any idea, guys?
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    Will there be game disk releases?

    I saw that there is a Marvel collection 1 on disk for PS4, but I am wondering if there is any plan to release all of the licensed tables on disk at some point? The advantage of this, as we have seen...
  4. DC Comics. I would love to see Swamp Thing, V,...

    DC Comics. I would love to see Swamp Thing, V, Batman, Batgirl, Joker, WW, etc etc tables. Marvel is sort of the more hokie and kiddish of the two, so I'd like some of the more serious side of comics...
  5. When will Williams tables be bundled on Steam?

    Since I already own them on ps4, I am waiting for you to bundle them on Steam.
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