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Thread: Amazon Zen Pinball compatibility issue

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    Default Amazon Zen Pinball compatibility issue

    For some reason the Zen Pinball app available on Amazon is now showing as ONLY compatible with Amazon Fire devices. The app was previously compatible with plenty of non-Fire devices. Zen's other pinball apps (such as the stand-alone American Dad, Marvel, etc.) do not have this issue. Please fix the compatibility issue with the main Zen Pinball app. Thanks.

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    I'm having the same problem. It used to be compatible w/ my Insignia NS-15AT10 tablet. Now it isn't. I can't get the update to allow me to purchase the Balls of Glory tables.

    Please fix this.

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    Thanks for the reports, guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
    Thanks for the reports, guys!
    It works now. Thanks!

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