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Thread: PinKadia! The Ultimate virtual Pinball / Arcade / PC combo cabinet! PBFX2 Videos!

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    Default PinKadia! The Ultimate virtual Pinball / Arcade / PC combo cabinet! PBFX2 Videos!

    I'm a 42 year old guy who grew up in arcades in the 80's and 90's. I love arcade games and pinball, and video games in general. I've also been an electronics technician for 20 years. (15 as a civvie, 5 in the military)

    This WAS my mancave a while ago. It housed my custom simpit that I made for racing and flight sim games. It had three 42 inch TVs for surround view, as well as 12 transducers combined with SimVibe software to give vibrational feeback from telemetry data from the racing games I played. The console on the right rotates around to switch between a shifter and flightstick. The dash has two tablets that act as tachometer / speedometer, and a button box / control panel. I love it!

    That being said, I always thought the 3 screens (that spanned almost 10 feet!) were a bit much. So when I got myself a 55 inch UHD 4K curved TV, for my normal PC gaming, I found I loved playing my racing games on it much better. I would get 2/3 of the same visible screen field of view that I had with 3 screens using a custom 21:9 resolution of 3840x1640, with much nicer colour and resolution. Also, with VR headsets coming out, I wouldn't be using those screens as much when I (someday) get one.

    So I decided to ditch the 3 screens setup and use them to make a combination Pinball and Arcade cabinet that would also play PC games! (I can move the simpit in front of my UHD TV's new location easily when I want to use it).

    Commence the start of the creation of PinKadia!

    After reading ALOT of posts of other projects, here is where my priorities were, and what I wanted:

    -I wanted something that would play Future Pinball, Pinball FX2, The Pinball Arcade, Visual Pinball, MAME Arcade games, and PC games (ie fighting and action games)
    -I wanted two player controls with actual (PC / Xbox 360 / One) hardware for maximum compatibility and ease for all games
    -it had to be made using many of the components I already had (I already had most of the electronics needed)
    -it had to be made as cheaply as possible to keep me from becoming single (my wife is not a big gamer)

    Things that will come later on down the line and were not a priority:

    -DOF, LED controlled lighting, feedback, etc
    -printed artwork
    - or otherwords... anything really costly that I didn't already have.

    So I came up with this mock-up to tide me over and help me figure exactly what I wanted.

    What a beauty.... boy my wife just "LOVED" seeing this in my mancave for weeks on end.... but it really helped me tinker with different ideas instead of rushing into things. What I found was that I wanted to have a 3 screen setup, and I wanted to make use of the ENTIRE 3rd screen. Not just for the DMD like everyone else, but also to extend the backglass (only possible with Future Pinball) to make use of the excellent movie clips / colour DMDs / gadgets and other things you could see in Future Pinball. I HATE trying to "squish" a square backglass into a wide rectangular screen. This would allow me to make use of that space in a good way!

    Both Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade can now support DMD / displays on the third screen (TPA uses a mod, PBFX2 has native support now). So with the extra space left over on the 3rd screen, I can put nice animated logos or whatever I want there using Pinball X as a frontend, as well as having animated videos for the backglass.

    By having arcade controls on the cabinet this would also allow me to play MAME vertical games on the playfield, and MAME horizontal games on the backglass or playfield. I could also play almost any PC action game on the backglass as well (since they are 16x9 games).

    I also wanted to make use of my 5.1 speakers in the cabinet.

    So on with the build... I began with de-bezeling one of my 42 inch TVs, only to find that the main support for the framing of the TV came for the plastic housing itself. (This is because this TV is not an edge-lit LED TV, its a back-lit LED TV) So I had to keep the TV housing fastened together.

    I cut off the plastic for the IR / Power LED, and control PCB. I just taped the PCB on the bottom of the TV where it won't be seen.

    For the size of the cabinet itself, I used the standard Williams Widebody plans that you can find all over the Internet. I then adjusted to sizes to work with my 3 screens. 42 inch TV for playfield, 27 inch monitor for backglass, 19 inch 4:3 monitor for DMD / extended backglass. I had found a place here in Canada that had Pinball legs and bolts for a decent price. The Canadian dollar is horrible right now, so getting anything from the States can be expensive.

    I was able to get the following built in a day.

    This was a mock up for the arcade controls...I tried a couple of different layouts to see how I would like it.

    Three buttons on the side. Main flipper, 2nd flipper / special, and nudge. I personally can do without a "real" nudge control for now. A plunger was also not a priority either. That may come later. So I just have a normal button for now until i get a big dome type Launch button. The coin door is not for functionality, but just for looks and simple access. Maybe i'll get it working later on.

    Now comes the sucky part.... taking it apart for mudding. All open cut parts of the MDF were sealed with dry wall compound. Other areas were covered with wood filler.

    Then all the sanding which made a lovely dusty mess in the mancave.

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    Finally, i got to put on the oil-based (no-scent) primer to help seal the MDF for painting. Then I painted the inside and back of the cabinet black. the outside was painted with "amazing" red.

    Now I could put everything back together. I installed chrome T-molding for the backglass. Then I installed the "front" speakers, backlgass 27 inch monitor, and 19 inch DMD / extension monitor. The 19 inch monitor sits only a little bit inside the lower cabinet.

    The back of the cabinet has two small fans and a door for the backglass screens, and two large fans and a door for the lower cabinet. I also made some extra vent / access holes for cabling that may be needed in the future. the fans draw air out of the cabinet.

    The back door allows access to the PC and cabling. The PC is mounted on a shelf on rails, so it can just slide out of the back for access if needed.

    For the PC I used some mounting hardware from an old server case. I originally had on old i5 dual core CPU and server motherboard, but that got replaced with an i5 2500K later on. Dual core cpu worked fine for mostly everything, except when it came to playing 3 videos at once through Pinball X. Quad core cpu was needed for that. PC specs are:

    i5 2500K quad core cpu
    8 gigs ddr3 1600 ram
    nvidia gtx 960 video card (all 3 screens connected to this one video card, via HDMI, DVI, display port)
    750 watt power supply
    250 gig ssd
    500 gig hard drive
    sound blaster audigy 2 sound card for 5.1 sound (that was removed when the motherboard was changed).
    logitech 5.1 speaker system (older set i've had for years)

    Here's the subwoofer and air-intake fan that brings fresh cool air into the cabinet.

    This is where the rear speakers are mounted. I actually swapped the front and rear speakers so I could reach under the cabinet and adjust the volume if need be. (I had to swap the audio cables on the sound card for this to work) The center speaker will go in the middle hole.

    Now for the controls! I decided to use two Logitech F310 gamepads for two players and for pinball controls:

    -they are really cheap
    -they provide both direct-input and x-input compatibility
    -they are completely xbox 360 compatible (which works with ALL games / emulators). No need for xpadder-like software.
    -they have a button that allows the functions of the d-pad and left analogue stick to swap. VERY important as some games won't allow some functions to work with the d-pad. The d-pad is what I will be using for the arcade stick. This allows me to have d-pad and "left analogue stick" functionality at anytime on the arcade joystick at the push of a button. you can't get this with a normal xbox 360 gamepad.

    Now the un-fun part. I had to do some reverse engineering to find out how this sucker is wired. I wanted to have all the normal buttons and the "triggers" for buttons as well. You need to replace to potentiometers for the triggers with correct resistor values and hope it works. Unfortunately, getting the triggers to work this way would also mess up the resistance for the analogue sticks. So I eventually had to give up the trigger buttons and use the left and right stick buttons. As a result, I had to make my two center buttons (red/green) the "home" button (for player one and two) which would just open STEAM Big Picture Mode, which I wasn't going to use.

    Normally, you only need one common ground when wiring buttons to most gamepads... not this one! It had FIVE different grounds, working with diodes in a matrix encoder. A pain to figure out, but I got 'er done! So I mounted the gamepad to a board and had all the wires I soldered to it goto terminal strips. Then I can have the cabinet's arcade buttons AND the pinball button wires use the same controls off of the player one gamepad.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to get the old-school parallel / printer cables (DB-25) I needed to allow the control panel to just "plug-in" to the gamepad board. I was building this part during Christmas holidays, and the very few shops we have around here didn't have any. So I just mounted it anyway with the shorter wires (which I got from a couple of JAMMA harnesses) connected directly. As a result, the player one gamepad and pinball controls all look like this mess. Keep in mind.... most pinball cabinets only have around 10 buttons / controls to wire up.... I have OVER 40, with multiple separate grounds, and LEDS on each button (except the flipper buttons). When I get the cables I need and I'm ambitious this will be mostly gone and all tidied up....either way I won't see it!

    As you can see.... the player two gamepad is much tidier.

    For the control panel, the insides of the playfield walls, backglass walls, and DMD bezel, I decided to use carbon fibre vinyl wrap. I had some left over from the simpit, and liked to way it looked with chrome trim. I'm a sucker for chrome and shiny car stuff. (I used to have a 1971 Chevelle with a custom 415 horsepower engine, but that was another life!) This is one of the few things I could buy around here. (at Walmart or Canadian Tire)

    This is how my Layout looks for my screens for Future Pinball. This is required in order to use my extended backglass. Screen 1 is the playfield, screen 2 is the backgass, and screen 3 is the DMD / extended backglass.

    Setup Future Pinball the way you normally would for your playfield and backglass. Exit Future Pinball. Then you then MUST configure Future Pinball's backglass resolution MANUALLY through the windows registry... NOT through Future Pinball itself. I have my backglass set to 1920x1600. What this does is, it "extends" the backglass from the 2nd screen down onto the 3rd screen. It can be larger than this, but anything past the bottom of the "translite" in Future Pinball is useless. I also use Future DMD on the bottom of the 3rd screen anyway, because you can't adjust the physical size of the DMD in Future Pinball itself (Future DMD can be ANY size). Overlays (which are used for movie clips, custom colour DMDs, gadgets,etc) can be made to ANY size!

    This picture below shows my Future Pinball displays across the 3 screens. The black areas are the unused parts of the windows "desktop". The blue background on screen 3 is the desktop background. (I normally have it black but changed it to blue just for illustration purposes) This is the pinball table with no modification or custom overlays.

    This picture shows a custom overlay I made with a simple castle wall picture with extra stats for the game showing (which were normally shown in desktop mode on this particular version of the table). This area can be used for anything you want in Future Pinball!

    Here you can see it displayed on my 3rd screen.

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    For my DMD / Extended backglass bezel, I just made it from thin backboard used for book shelves. I then covered it with carbon fibre vinyl, and covered the edges with automotive chrome trim. I covered the speaker holes with speaker cloth from Fabricland.

    Now you can see how the bezel makes it look like I have a 4th screen that is separate from the backglass and dmd.

    Now I just had to fasten the aluminum trim and throw the playfield TV in...

    ....and it's ALIVE! PinKadia lives!!!!

    This is my BAM IR Led tracking hat. I made this for Freetrak / Track IR on my simpit with a ps3 eye camera, and they both work great with BAM Freetrack tracking through FaceTrackNoIR. It looks totally cool!

    I replaced my fans because they were used in a server, and were very loud! These new fans are cheap, quiet, and have red leds in them.

    Finally I added cheap LED colour-changing lighting that plugs into a molex connector from my cpu power supply. (The sub woofer on the floor is from my home theatre, not the pincab)

    Things to do still:

    -add glass to the playfield
    -controlled lighting, DOF, feedback,etc..
    -big Launch button
    -"maybe" a plunger and tilt
    - possibly a spinner
    - 4 way gated joystick in the top center
    - bat tops for the joysticks
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    Pinball FX2 (with animated backglass and marquee / logo):

    PC Games (only horizontal games on the backglass screen for now, vertical games on the playfield screen soon to come):

    Future Pinball (I customized most tables to make use of my unique extended backglass on the 3rd screen):

    The Pinball Arcade (with animated backglass, and running a mod for use in a cabinet):

    MAME soon to come....
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    After a lot of requests to demo BAM 3D head tracking on PinKadia, here's a video demonstration!

    This is using one PS3 eye camera, and my 3 point IR LED hat, and Freetrack through FaceTrackNoIR. The two camera, or Kinect V2 method is much better, but this still looks damn cool!

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    Well it was only a matter of time.... but I finally got Visual Pinball up and fully running on my cabinet and in Pinball X with videos, and art. I've got about 160 tables installed so far which includes VP X (10), VP 9, and Physics Mod 5 tables, as well as d2bs backglasses.*

    This went surprisingly well using the all in one VPX installer that setup everything very nicely. Had to learn a few new things (I used VP many years*ago), and needed a few more things added and updated for the newer Stern sam tables. I did have to update the VP PM5 version to the custom version that has separate registry settings (to allow for the nudge keys to be reversed).

    I had to*use*"setDMD" to position and size most of the DMDs automatically, and*I also had to edit the settings for DMD rotation for roughly*40 tables*in the registry. Then I just had to edit each table's script to allow for the d2bs files to be used.

    A perk of the*split screen bezel for the third screen I didn't originally plan on, was being able to have the larger size DMDs display in the top*portion instead of being squished in the bottom half. (Baywatch, Batman Forever, Frankenstein, Strikes N Spares, etc). I modified Draco's excellent Visual Pinball logo to make it fit a little better to have it act as a marquee for Visual Pinball. (Like I did with PFX2, and TPA)

    I "could" extend the d2bs backglass screen down on the third screen like I did with Future Pinball, but that would mean editing each d2bs file! Maybe if I can make*some good custom "grill" settings to do that easier, I might...

    Here is a video showing off about 70 tables in Pinball X. I mixed up up tables from VPX, PM5, and VP9. I show how the different types of tables and different DMD sizes work with the*split*bezel on the third screen.

    I used OBS MP as I did before to record video of each table / backglass / and dmd / marquee. I could have used other videos, but most of them were of older versions of the table or d2bs file.

    As far as the whole VP physics are better than FP war that I keep reading.... *I agree that "some" tables do play better on VP than FP, but I'm not blown away by it. I do love being able to play the original rom versions of the arcade pinball machines*I grew up with.*I know that I will be using VP alot more if I ever go the DOF / feedback / lighting route.

    Some of the VP tables are gorgeous (Circus Voltaire, Theatre of Magic, TOTAN, etc). This shows what is possible in VP when its done right.

    That said, I do still prefer playing most of the updated and modded FP versions (SLAMT1LTs, etc). Every time I hear the original sound of the arcade rom versions in VP it just doesn't even come close.

    I'm not a fanboy by any means.....if its fun "for me", then I'll play anything on any system. Good job on VPX.... man*things have changed alot since I last played it back in 2008!
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    A small update...

    I added led lights to the speaker bezel. I had to basically mount*some thin*cardboard inside*around where the speaker holes are (had carbon fibre wrap on the cardboard). Then I*stuck led lighting strips on the inside and connected them to the same molex connector for my rear fans. *Then I*put speaker fabric over the opening. Its not the best solution, but its easy, and it works with the small space I had.

    Each speaker light strip can have its light colour separately changed to any light colour via a remote just like under the cabinet.

    ...and now I'm on to getting MAME media started.... blah!
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    Well here we go. I got MAME up and running in PinKadia!

    I have it setup to have Pinball X show the marquees on the backglass screen. (which I had to make into 16x9 pictures, over 2700 of them!)

    I captured videos of gameplay using OBS. I liked Tom's MAME videos from the GameEx FTP, but Pinball X makes them stretch and fill the whole screen with the wrong aspect ratio. I do use them for the games I haven't video captured yet.

    The vertical games are perfect for the playfield screen. Horizontal games could be played on the backglass screen, but they would be alot smaller compared to the playfield screen, and I would need to have my head looking upward all the time to play.

    My main priority was to have the game screen as large as possible with HLSL effects (no screen curve, or glow, etc). With the game this big (42 inch TV for the playfield screen) HLSL really is needed to make the game not look blocky and yuck! I also wanted no bezel obstruction of the game screen.

    I use Rocket Launcher to manage the bezels and backgrounds. This allows me to use a default bezel / background for ALL games, and I can have it easily change to a random / specific one or use MAME's artwork. Its easy to just add another background this way, and I don't need to deal with "lay" files!

    If the original arcade or a custom bezel works well to cover the leftover unused screen area, I'll use it. Otherwise I use a chrome / metal hexagon bezel that I made to match the style of my Pincab (it looks much better in person than it does in the videos!).

    I made several different ones to better fit the different sized marquees as well. I used Pinball X to have my backglass screen act as a DMD screen sized the same as the*marquee, and centered. Then I had windows use the "blank" metal hexagon / chrome trim picture as a wallpaper background picture. When I ran Pinball X this way it displays the marquee overtop of the metal hexagon picture. I used OBS to capture the entire backglass screen with the new 16x9 marquee as a small video. (I would hit flipper button, then "record" over and over and over again) Then I just played all the recorded videos back to back, and saved each as a picture with the name of the MAME rom file to match. It sounds complicated, but it was the easiest way to do this. I got over 2700 done! I know...,. I'm crazy.

    The reason I had to use OBS is because I couldn't find a program to "screen capture" the backglass screen (acting as the dmd screen) properly. They either require the "screen to be captured" to be the primary screen (which messes up Pinball X), or they will only capture the DMD portion of the DMD screen in Pinball X. I needed the entire screen with the marquee AND background....and OBS only does video capture.

    I have over 2700 MAME games setup.... I'm not about to make custom backgrounds or bezels for that many games!

    Here is a video showing around 80 MAME games. It shows a mix of vertical and horizontal games with and without the arcade bezels.

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    Your machine is Soooo awesome!

    I have used Mamelayplus for my mini cab but it only has a hundred or so of my favs on it. It is pretty good and has a good selection of defaults lays. I did have to make up some marquees by editing screenshots etc but it looks pretty good and is all on the playfield. Nowhere near as good as your masterpiece though. Only thing wrong with it is that i am on older mame version but most of the ones i wanted work except the sound on lemmings 😦

    I haven't put videos on pinballx for mame yet but want to do so (to match most of the pinball ones) when i have a heap of spare time. Unfortunately i don't have enough of that these days... I don't know how to capture so may end up going with Toms.

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    The thing with mamelayplus, was that I didn't like what it did with the vertical games in terms of size.... I didn't like how small it made them. The horizontal games were sized almost to their biggest size though and looked fine. However, if I had the marquees on the playfield screen, that would still leave my backglass screen with nothing....

    That's why I decided to make the marquees on the backglass myself. Even the games that had no marquee were done the same way.... I just used the wheel art logo for the game and it worked great (MERCS in the video is a good example). This also allowed ALL the marquees to be displayed in their original aspect ratio.... no squishing!

    I use Toms videos until I eventually replace them with my own. I just record a bunch here and there as I check out what each game is that I haven't played before.

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    Well, now it is time for more upgrades.... as a result this is what happens in the middle of a project upgrade... total mess everywhere which makes my wife sooooo happy!

    I always wanted to add in a plunger and a big LAUNCH button. Can't easily find either in Canada, and buying from the US is costly with our crappy CDN dollar and costly shipping.

    So, I found a place in Ottawa that does repairs and sells parts called Pinball Medics.

    Since I was taking my daughter to Ottawa Comi-Con, I was able to stop by his place and buy what I needed from him. He had everything except for the mounting plate for the plunger, which I didn't need anyway. He's a great guy and had a fantastic Pinball collection which I sadly didn't have time to check out....

    Here's a video demonstration of my plunger setup:

    Hopefully I can maybe make a couple of custom tilt-bobs to work as a digital nudge type of setup. Then, I'm off to update the control panel with a different button layout, a third 4-way joystick, and all three joysticks will have BAT tops instead of BALL tops.

    After all this is done, its just a waiting game for all my parts to arrive from China, so I can install feedback via 10 solenoids. I'll also be installing led strip lighting to act as 5 rgb flashers, addressable led strip lighting / matrix for animation, white strobes, and red / blue beacons (LED strobe versions). Lots of work to do!
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    Great !

    but you should do your laundry.
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    LOL... yesterday was dedicated to cleaning and laundry. My wife is happy.

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    While waiting for my parts to arrive from China for feedback (solenoids, lighting, etc), I figured I would get some other upgrades done to the cabinet, now that the plunger is working.

    After using the cabinet for a while, I really wanted to have a dedicated 4-way joystick for alot of the classic arcade games that really do need it. (Pac-man, Q-bert, Dig-Dug, and many more). I also wasn't really happy with the "ergonomic" button layout. Yah, it was nicer for fighting games, but not for anything else for me personally. Also, in order for me to fit a third joystick on the control panel I would have to rearrange the buttons in order to have enough space. I also didn't like the ball tops, and the LED joysticks don't allow for easily changing the tops without reaching inside the cabinet.

    Another thing I wanted was to eventually put in a spinner, but I needed to have a hole pre-drilled for it. So I have two extra buttons above the right joystick that can be swapped out with a spinner later on. I also put in a central "FIRE" button for those pinball games that use it (Star Trek, AC/DC, Alien Legacy, etc). I also labelled every button with transparent labels from a cheap label maker. It worked surprisingly well, and you can't see the label unless you look real close at the buttons.

    I decided to use a spare XBOX 360 gamepad (instead of the Logitech gamepad) for player one and the pinball controls. The main reason was that I wanted to have force-feedback outputs from the gamepad to use to create possible feedback options (solenoids, lighting) for Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade in the future. I also setup this controller so that the x / y potentiometer was completely accessible for the plunger in the cabinet. This gamepad was MUCH easier to wire up as it had only one common ground for all buttons, and the pads were larger and easier to work with.

    Here you can see that I now have the entire control panel connected to two old school parallel db-25 cables for player one and player two, with a molex connector for the LED lighting. MUCH nicer than having all wires directly goto the gamepads. Yes, this involved soldering over 125 wires.... but now if I ever need to get access to the control panel or change / replace anything, I just unplug three easy to access cables. Yes, its alot of work, and I could have used some other solutions instead of gamepads, but that would not have given absolute complete compatibility with ALL PC Games and emulators / pinball games without some hassles. I will NEVER have any problems with any game running properly on this cabinet using this.

    Here you can see the extra trim I put around the side and front buttons. I found that the LED lighting was too bright at 12V for the LED buttons on the arcade panel, so I used 5V instead. Combined with the non-lit BAT tops, I found this to be much nicer on the eyes while playing. My white LEDS for the bottom white buttons have died out, and I didn't have any spares. So I put in similar colour LEDS as the A B X Y buttons to match for now. They look almost the same in person and much nicer as opposed to the picture.

    With the undercab and speaker lighting, it makes for quite the colorful display at night time.... can't wait for my addressable led strips!

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    I always try to find new ways to make use of the "4th display" area on my middle screen.

    For MAME, I knew there were some cool programs out there that would let you see your control panel layout and other info for each game, either by pausing, etc..

    I just wanted a way to show what the controls were for each game in MAME since there are so many different layouts. When someone else is using the cabinet, it would be nice not having to explain to them the controls for each game....but when I found CP-Wizard, I found exactly what I had wanted.

    I am basically trying to setup as standard control panel layout for each control type for each game in CP-Wizard. I just made a background pic the size of my middle screen with the MAME logo at the bottom. Then I made the layouts I wanted and saved them as separate layouts. Then I had CP-Wizard configured to use whatever layout for each control scheme as required.

    I didn't need to have CP Wizard running in the background. I just had CP-Wizard do an Export-batch, creating control panel images for each game automatically with the correct naming of the files. These pics work with Pinball X as my DMD screen images for MAME. They display while browsing through each game and stay displayed while playing. Simple and easy to see to see while playing at any time. I may just use this for PC Games and other emulators too.

    Here's some pics of my current layout. Its simple, and probably not final, but works quite well.

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    Here's a video showing the new control panel, as well as an update to what parts I have so far for controlled LED lighting and feedback.

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    PC Vertical / Portrait Games

    There are some PC games out there that actually do support a vertical / portrait layout.

    Some are basically arcade ports and some are original. they are either Steam games or normal PC Games such as:

    -Crimson Clover
    -Raiden III
    -Raiden IV Overkill
    -Ice Cold Beer
    -Zeke's Peak

    Ice Cold Beer / Zeke's Peak required me using Pinnacle Game Profiler for my P1 joystick and XPadder for my P2 Joystick... but it works perfect together. The others just worked normally and gave you rotate options for your screen.

    Then there are the Windows 10 Store Games. These are originally tablet / phone type games that work with keyboard / mouse or gamepad controls. I basically had my P2 joystick and buttons act like a mouse for these games in case it was needed.

    Since these don't have a normal .EXE file to reference, in order to get these to run with Pinnacle Game Profiler for mapped controls.... I had to run this command:

    %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

    Then create a shorcut for the games from the window that opens.
    Create a .BAT file that "Starts" the Pinnacle Game Profile (persistent) manually for your game via command line... then it opens the *.lnk shorcut you created for your game.
    Use this .BAT file with Rocketlauncher via Pinball X (I open all my PC games with Pinball X using RocketLauncher)
    Have your "Launch After" run another .BAT file that "Stops" your Pinnacle Game Profiler manually.

    These games look and play great when setup correctly. Games such as:

    Crossy Road
    Despicable Me
    Sonic Dash

    Like MAME, I added control panel pics in the middle screen where possible.

    Here's a video showing some of these games in action in Pinball X.

    Since I have arcade sticks and many buttons, its not a problem for me to get alot of these games to run. I know I can also run Android games through Blue Stacks and other programs (I have done so on my normal PC), but that may come at a later time.
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    So I've been making great progress so far.... got all my parts except for beacons. One of my solenoids is broken, so it's 9 only for now. (I don't know when a shaker or gear motor will happen.)

    Even got it all working in the cab with a mock-up via DOF which is working great. Most of the wiring is good to go. I even setup a kill switch for the 12v going to the sainsmart relay board and anything mechanical for a "night mode", while still allowing for 12v for anything else light related.

    Here's the board before it's put into the cabinet. It may not be the prettiest, but it allows me access to everything while having all outputs of the led-wiz fused, and having the led / strobe output closer to where they will be to accommodate the limited rgb wiring I have. The Teensy for addressable leds will be on my PC board. I'll still have plenty of room for future stuff, even if I need to stack boards.

    Here's my mockup with everything except for solenoids connected (no beacons, and a small test fan in the pic)....but I can still see the relays working to confirm they will work. I have the left and outer-left flashers in my left speaker hole, and the right flashers in the right speaker hole, and the center on the led strip for now.

    I also have my FIRE button working on the arcade control panel, and I have it combined with the launch button in DOF, since you need to use the launch button to "FIRE" in VP anyways.

    DOF is pretty damn impressive! Some amazing work done by swisslizard and arngrim!

    Since I don't have 10 solenoids, I can just combine the rear center and the middle center for now. It also frees up an LED-Wiz port.

    I also have an atwood 3000 blower fan. Man it works great, but sure is loud! Very cool the way different tables make use of it. The noise is going to be better when used with a hose.... which gets me wondering on where to mount it!

    I'm definitely considering mounting it inside (like randr did), as it fits perfectly in that spot before my coin door. (I removed my coin door mech as I don't use it and I have only one coin slot) I was going to have it blow out through the coin eject hole with some kind of upward scoop). Or maybe I might still mount it on top of the cabinet....or behind the cabinet blowing up through a hose / vent at the top of the cabinet with a finished topper...

    I also would like a simple way to adjust the voltage going to the fan...12V is pretty loud...5V is too maybe just a simple way to get in between with some kind of pot / switch. I don't have an H-bridge or anything else that would allow me to use PWM right now....maybe if I get a shaker down the line.

    Any suggestions would be great..

    Also....we just found out that we have bed bugs in the house.....AAAAAAAH! We think my son brought them back from his grade 8 school graduation trip! So now my progress is slowed down considerably, cause we have to purge the house and live in hell for a month or so (and its going to cost alot)

    ....and it was going so well too!
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    So now I finally have the solenoids all working. Unfortunately 1 of them was broken in shipping, so I had to settle for 9 instead of 10. Luckily DOF lets you easily combine cabinet toy functions through software, so I just combined middle center and rear center.

    I decided to mount them on cross pieces since I was running out of room on the sides of the cabinet. This also allowed me to position them closer to where they would typically be in a real pinball cabinet. I also didn't like the very loud "metal smacking wood" sound the solenoids give when fully engaging (they would also sometimes get stuck open for 2 seconds). So I used some "plexiglass / plastic" L-bracket looking pieces I had lying around for the solenoids to strike. This kept them from getting stuck and it sounded much better. I also used cable clamps for the slingshot solenoids which works really well to replicate that type of sound.

    Sadly, I ran out of terminal strips, so I settled on using solder and electrical tape for the diodes connected to each solenoid. (to snuff out any EMI that could damage the Sainsmart relay board) That's why my wiring looks so wierd for some of this....and the lack of sleep from cleaning my house for 4 days straight didn't help either.

    Here's a quick video showing them working:

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    Even more progress...let there be light!

    Now my 5 flasher LED strips, strobes, start, launch, FIRE button lights are all working with both VP and FP. My beacons are wired and ready…just waiting for them to arrive in the mail!

    Since I'll be installing addressable LEDs all around the playfield screen, there will be no room for a traditional RGB 5 flasher bar at the back of the playfield. I still want that function though because Future Pinball cannot use the addessable LEDS as they will be driven by DOF. (Future Pinball only works through legacy Led-Wiz, so far)

    So I made use of the LED strips I already installed into my speaker holes. The left speaker has two seperate strips for the left side flashers, and the same goes for the right side. I just had to put a single LED strip at the back of the cabinet to act as the center flasher for now. It works suprisingly least for me:

    Here’s a quick video demo of my current 5 flasher layout and lights:

    Now its on to getting my blower fan working. My blower fan (attwood 3000) works, but I gotta figure out where its going to go! Gotta find a way to convert a 3 inch hose to the coin door hole opening (similar to what randr did). Otherwise it will have to go on top of the backbox.

    Once the fan is done and the beacons arrive…. then I’ll make a topper to finish it off!
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    Thar she blows!

    After seeing blower fans on other pinball cabinets, I knew I was going to have one in my cabinet.

    Visual Pinball currently supports up to almost 30 tables that utilize a blower fan. It can be long gusts of wind like in Twister and Whirlwind, or a quick burst of air during certain events... other examples are:

    Attack from Mars - saucer exploding
    Medieval Madness - catapult launch, castle exploding
    Dirty Harry - shooting your gun
    Twilight Zone - Rocket Launch
    The Getaway - quick burst of air for each loop
    Grand Prix and Nascar - quick burst of air for each lap
    Jurassic Park - ?

    ...and many more.

    Some people have a simple fan on top of their cabinet. Others use an inline blower fan. Since alot of the events are quick bursts of air, you need something that can push alot of air very quickly to get the right effect. I used an Attwood 3000 inline blower fan. Since I'm just using this with my relay board for simple on/off function, this works nicely.

    Its very effective but also very loud when not used with a hose. When I tried it on top of my backglass, I found it to be too loud, and the air was being spread to wide and alot of the effect was lost for those quick bursts (an Attwood 4000 would work better on top).

    So I decided to try randr's unique method.... installing it inside the cabinet and blowing air out through the coin eject hole and up to your face. This worked well for the space that I had. I just mounted it in front of the coin door (I don't use the coin mechanism) and connected with a bathroom vent hose. The only problem is coming up with some sort of upward facing scoop to use at the coin door eject hole. I haven't been able to find anything I can get to hack / work that was effective and could be installed with the mounting options that I had. So I just made my own hack job...

    I really hope I can find something that will work better.... any suggestions?

    Here's a quick video demonstration:
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    Well here it finally is.... addressable LEDS!

    After seeing randr showing off addressable leds in action in his cabinet, I knew I would eventually want it! Well here we go!

    The idea is that addressable leds can be controlled individually throughout a strip instead having the entire strip turn on / off / change colour, etc. As a result you can create cool animation and effects that can be used on the sides and back of your playfield in a pinball cabinet. They are 3 pin strips that run on 5V with a 5V, DATA, and GND line. The controller I'm using is a Teensy, and the software that controls it is DOF (Direct Output Framework)

    For my cabinet, my playfield TV lays down on rails, so I couldn't just stick the led strips on the inside of the cabinet, as they may get in the way if I ever need to remove the TV. So I needed to have them mounted on something. You can buy proper aluminum channels, but to order them online was quite costly with crappy CDN dollar and shipping.

    So I decided to use these shelf rail things I found. They are normally mounted on a wall with the opening facing the wall so you can install shelf supports in the slots. They were cheap and they were black so they matched my cabinet inside perfectly. I just had to put in some long strips of backboard for the leds to stick on, or they would be in too deep and it would be hard to see them while playing.

    The led strips I purchased are 144 per meter. I have over 700 leds installed. Thats alot of leds! As a result I had to use a dedicated 5V power supply rated at 60A! No matter what length of 144 / meter strip you buy, they all come with 0.5 meter strips soldered together. So if you want a seamless looking strip, you'll need to cut off an led or two and solder it back together. Since my work's soldering station just died, I was stuck with my crappy 21 year soldering iron. For the side led strips I wasn't worried about cutting them to make them look seamless.

    Here is the matrix I made for the back of the playfield. This will look like a low-res led screen. It can be made up of how ever many led strips you want as the DOF software will just scale to whatever you have. I used my 2 meter strips and their middle 0.5 meter sections for the back matrix, as they were the perfect size without me having to cut any strips and resolder them to size. I did however have to solder the 5V, data and gnd pins to and from each strip.

    ...and here it is in the back of the cabinet.

    The connections start at the Teensy controller which is plugged into the computer via usb. Then the Teensy has a cat5 cable output that uses 2 of its wires for the GND and DATA line going to the first strip...which is the right playfield strip. The DATA line then gets connected to and from each strip / matrix, for a continuos connection. 5V and GND also needs to be tapped in at the begginning of each strip and the matrix, as there are alot of leds that need power.

    These LEDS are REALLY bright on max brightness. To cut down on that and also to make it so you can't even see the led strips when they are off.... I had a custom piece of tinted plex-glass (5mm) made for the back matrix. That alone wasn't enough, so I needed to add window tint to the front of the plex-glass. I put on 20% tint. This combined with the plex-glass tint was perfect and hid the leds completely until they light up. Now I want to do the same for the sides, but I don't know if I can get plexi-glass cut that small and long.

    Success! After setting up the DOF software, the leds strips look amazing! It's hard to describe all the effects they do while playing, but here is a picture showing the back matrix displaying animations while browsing in Pinball X.

    ....and here is a video describing what the setup is, and showing what is looks like in Pinball X!

    I'll make another video that will show some gameplay that shows off the cool effects while playing!
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    While I certainly intended to get another video that showed off the addressable led matrix in action..... I got distracted by a couple of things.

    First...I updated to the newest VPX, and the newest UltraDMD.

    Then I realised that I had been missing out on a bunch of VPX tables that came out in the last few months!

    ....but then as I'm about to make a video, my eye caught a great new little program that's a little bit of a game changer....

    Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade now have DOF feedback for flipper solenoids (NOT slingshots or bumpers!), RGB lighting and more thanks to a new program called DOFFX2.

    It basically maps keyboard keys to trigger Led-Wiz or sainsmart outputs! It also has some other cool features like RGB lighting control, flipper solenoid timers, and more.

    Here are videos that demo both Pinball FX2 and The Pinball Arcade on my cabinet running with DOFFX2 (1.3 beta).

    I have the program set to be always on and active the whole time, and you can see it doesn't interfere with Pinball X running the DOF plug-in.

    I have the flipper buttons triggering my solenoids.

    I have the center RGB led strip "flasher" set to random flipper triggered RGB lighting.

    I have the flippers set to turn on a left flasher as green, and a right flasher as blue.

    I have the beacon, blower fan, and strobes set to go off during certain moments.... including an appearance from Scotty of Star trek!

    ...and other things too.

    It's a simple demo of the kind of thing that can be done so far...

    Here's a video demo of Pinball FX2:

    Here's a video demo of The Pinball Arcade:

    No more octo coupler circuits needed! This can be used for MAME, PC Games, etc...

    Here's a link to the program's thread:
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    AAAAAAH! Disaster has struck.

    My center "DMD" / Marquee / extra display" monitor has died*on me. I can't complain, it was 10 years old after all....

    However, that means I have to replace it with a new monitor / TV.

    The bad news, is:

    I have to figure out how to mount this new screen. Old one was a 5:4 monitor with no vesa mount at all, new one is a 16:9 TV.

    I have to make a new bezel to fit this new screen.

    I have to re-do all my media*to fit the new bezel.

    New bezel will be a tad bit shorter on the 4th display

    Future Pinball tables all have to be re-edited to fit the new bezel's 4th display area.

    Good news:

    The screen quality and colours will look much nicer. (You guys can't tell how dim and faded it was looking by*my pics or videos)

    I may re-do the speakers into 4 holes to better accommodate my RGB "flashers".

    I'll have a monitor that will be much easier to remove.

    I can hear you guys screaming.... "Dude, get a real DMD!"

    If I put a real DMD into the*back of my cabinet, there would be ALOT of unused space left as I can't fit*another screen and a DMD into there. It really would look odd, and I'd hate it. Also, I really like having that extra "display area". Especially for MAME and Future Pinball.

    Also, the cost of a DMD even with DIY would cost alot more than this new screen which was real cheap and looks great.

    Alot of work to do now....but once its installed I WILL show some gameplay footage of VP with the addressable LEDS and matrix, before re-doing all the other stuff.

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    Disaster strikes.... a new look emerges!

    Dead middle screen: my middle "dual" screen which was a 5:4 monitor died on me (after 10 years of service). I now needed to get a new middle screen, and I had to re-build my bezel and speaker arrangement to accommodate it.

    I didn't want to bother with another 5:4 monitor, because they are all old now, and I wanted to have something that could easily be replaced in the future. I really wanted to keep the "dual" screen function and I didn't have anough room for both a real DMD and a small screen (of decent size) in the space I had. (and it would look silly with only a DMD in there with lots of unused space)

    I decided to go with a 19 inch 16:9 TV. It fit nicely and was the widest I could go....the colours were really was only $80 CDN new...and unlike the previous monitor which was a ---smurfette--- mount, this had a standard vesa mount. It also had 1:1 pixel mapping which made for a perfect crisp image.

    After a bit of work, I was able to get to get it mounted in a way that could easily be adjusted in the future if I had to replaced this one. I now had a little bit of space above and below the TV since this is a widescreen monitor.

    New Bezel, new function:

    For the bezel, I now had a wider screen space, but that also meant that my speakers would have to be mounted to the farthest sides of the backbox. My "dual" screens would be closer together, and the top half a little bit smaller.

    Since I had my RGB "flashers" inside my two speaker holes before and really liked how it worked, I wanted to still have that.... but I didn't like having 2 "flashers" within the same speaker hole. It would end up blending colours and not be distinctive enough. I wanted 4 separate "flashers".

    I figured, since my left and right speakers each have 2 smaller speakers...then why not have 4 speaker holes in the bezel!

    The RGB speaker holes!

    Below is a 2 inch PVC coupler fitting (I think). I got one for each speaker. I cut a notch out at the bottom and put in a strip of RGB LEDs all around then inside....

    ....then I cut the bezel out of thin backboard, and hot-glued a RGB LED speaker spacer at each hole (after putting on carbon fibre vinyl wrap and automotive car trim in each hole).

    ....then I put speaker cloth on the back of each hole with an elastic band...

    ....and voila! Let there be discrete 4 RGB "flasher" lights!

    Each speaker hole is now the Outer Left, Left, Right, Outer Right RGB flasher (center flasher is backbox backlighting). You'll notice that the LED matrix below has 5 shapes. These are actually the equivalent of the 5 RGB flashers that is displayed for this table. (the shapes can be anything, I was just testing) Notice they are matching in colour with the speaker holes.

    Tables and media need to be re-done:

    You'll have to excuse the squished Visual Pinball logo. Since all of my Pinball X "dual middle screen" media (which is one single picture or video) was created with a 5:4 ratio, it now all has to be re-done to look proper with a 16:9 ratio.

    If Pinball X had a separate "default DMD video / picture" for each system, this would make my job much easier...

    Future Pinball:

    Future Pinball tables will all have to be re-edited again, to have all the elements (movie clips, scores, gadgets, etc) to fit the top of the middle screen. What you have seen in my Future Pinball videos in Pinball X for that section is not looping videos. Its all bits from actual gameplay within Future Pinball.

    Here are some picture examples of Future Pinball with the new bezel:

    At first, I thought the 4 holes looked a little weird, but after seeing the lights in use, I love it! The only thing I hate is the fact that I couldn't get the chrome trim to make a perfect circle.

    ....and it sounds better too!
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    After I finished my new middle "dual" screen and bezel setup, I wanted to setup just a few DMD screen media videos so I would have something that looked better than the squished images from my old setup.....and I wanted it for doing a video of gameplay for VP and the LED matrix.

    It also occurred to me that alot of people don't actually understand what my setup is really like and how the media and middle screen setup actually works. Also, alot of people think Future Pinball just plays looped videos from Pinball X for example, which it doesn't.

    I get alot of people asking me how I get the media for my middle screen, and how I got the "videos" from Future Pinball showing on FutureDMD (which it isn't), etc

    So while making a quick video to show the new bezel and flashers, I thought I would show how I make my media for my middle screen, also how I setup Future Pinball to work with that.

    So to answer a bunch of questions, here is a video demonstration of Part 1 of my NEW dual screen / Bezel setup, and media creation This one focuses on Visual Pinball:

    ...and Part 2 focuses on Pinball FX2 and how to setup Future Pinball for a "dual" middle screen: with that out of the way.... on to getting some VP LED Matrix gameplay videos!.... unless something ELSE happens...
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    Visual Pinball Addressable LED Matrix Gameplay Videos!

    Well, after a few distractions: my middle screen dying, creating a new bezel, getting VPX running in exclusive fullscreen issues, etc....

    They are finally here! I said a while back I would get around to showing some videos of VP gameplay and effects from addressable leds through here they are!

    Unlike the rolling effects while browsing in Pinball X, these are different things that occur from various tiggers throughout gameplay. Explosions, looping effects, rocket trails, sparkles, symbols, shapes....all sorts of things.

    Please note: this was the best angle I could get that would still show all 3 sections of the addressable LEDS. The brightness of the LEDs can also be you don't need to worry about being blinded while playing!

    I apologize if I seem to repeat myself a few times....the damn power kept going out while I was recording, so I lost track of what I said in earlier videos.

    Cool Real-time Gameplay Effects!

    This first video shows Bride of Pinbot and Attack From Mars. Lots of different types of effects shown.... I continued to make other videos, even after the power goes out at the end of this video!


    This second video shows off some explosion effects, trail effects, and more. Tables shown are Medieval Madness, and Monster Bash.

    Looping and Trail Effects!

    This third video shows some cool looping effects from The Getaway, as well as the neat effects in Star Trek and Circus Voltaire!

    Beacons, Strobes, RGB Bar, and more effects!

    This last video shows ALOT more tables, and demonstrates how the various lighting toys in a pinball cabinet can be replicated by the back matrix! Also shows some other effects. Tables shown are NBA Fastbreak, Jurassic Park, Scared Stiff, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Transformers, Twilight Zone, and Star Wars.

    I hope these videos do justice in showing off the hard work from everyone involved in making these effects possible!

    If there is something specific you want to see, let me know and maybe I can put up more videos!
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    Un Freaking Believable !!
    Very nice!
    Good thing you are so far away---I think before long my wife is going to hate you!
    Ideas--Ideas---gotta go check the checkbook.

    Thanks tons for sharing!

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    What an incredible machine! Thanks for sharing videos of it in action. If you had to put a price tag on it, what would u say it's worth? Factoring in the design & build time of course I would say, bare minimum $10K. It's really, REALLY cool that's for sure! You are very talented builder/inventor! I enjoyed your detailed account of the process. Can appreciate the final outcome that much more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anodyne View Post
    What an incredible machine! Thanks for sharing videos of it in action. If you had to put a price tag on it, what would u say it's worth? Factoring in the design & build time of course I would say, bare minimum $10K. It's really, REALLY cool that's for sure! You are very talented builder/inventor! I enjoyed your detailed account of the process. Can appreciate the final outcome that much more!
    Definitely not $10000!

    I had "most" of the electronics already before building.

    At the MOST if it were all brand new, etc.... maybe up to $5000, but I know it's more like $3500 to $4000 CDN because I got alot of stuff from China and other things on boxing day sales....and making it all myself saves ALOT of money.

    The only REAL Pinball parts I have is the legs, and arcade parts are the buttons and joysticks which were cheap.....everything else is just cheaper stuff from Home Depot,etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron69 View Post
    Un Freaking Believable !!
    Very nice!
    Good thing you are so far away---I think before long my wife is going to hate you!
    Ideas--Ideas---gotta go check the checkbook.

    Thanks tons for sharing!
    Lol... there are alot of wives out there who hate me apparently...

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    To top it all off:

    Well, I never really liked the way the strobes and beacon looked on top, just all plain looking. So I decided to make some sort of topper for them that would match the style of the rest of the cabinet. Nothing fancy...but I like it much better than the plain look... and the black & chrome really helps to isolate the strobes from the wall behind and makes their light much more concentrated and bright. Here's some pics:

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    Can...can I come over and play?
    "We control the universe"

    Kraigbot @Kraigbot Find me on TrueTrophies and

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    Aliens Legacy (Ultimate Badass Edition) (V1.12) (DOFLinx-Cabinet Edition)

    DOFLinx mod by TerryRed

    A video demonstration of this table running on my cabinet using DOFLinx can be seen at:

    Man, this mod was alot of work, but alot of fun....but only because this table has so many cool modes and features....

    You have never seen a Future Pinball table with this kind of feedback and lighting in a cabinet!

    I added animated RGB flasher effects for:

    -machine gun turret fire
    -grenade explosions
    -nuclear explosions
    -flame thrower
    -blow torch
    -custom flasher sequences to match those of the table's
    -orbit (spinner?) effects
    -ship drop sequence

    I made use of some combined effects like shaker / blower fan / lights.

    Devices supported on this table:

    Left flipper
    Right flipper
    Left slingshot
    Right slingshot
    Mid field left solenoid
    Mid field center solenoid
    Mid field right solenoid
    Back left solenoid
    Back right solenoid
    Flasher, outside left
    Flasher, inside left
    Flasher, center
    Flasher, outside right
    Flasher, inside right
    Blower Fan
    Gear Motor
    Start button
    Coin button
    Launch Ball button
    FIRE button
    RGB Undercab Lighting

    I had to use 14 Timers and sub routines to match up some effects with video clips.

    The table is a bit hard....but if you can progress, you'll be rewarded with a nice light show and some good feedback.
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    Well, here we go with another great Future Pinball original table being given the DOFLinx treatment!

    I present to you.... ROBOCOP (Ultimate Edition) (DOFLinx - Cabinet Edition)!

    A video demonstration of the table running on my cabinet using DOFLinx can be seen here:

    This was another fun table that is REALLY cool to play with alot of modes. The videos and sound combined with the flashing lights and feedback really make a difference!

    I added animated RGB flasher effects for:

    -Robocop gun fire (Ball Launch)
    -ED-209 machine gun fire (failed to comply)
    -Cain spinner
    -Robocop Return Fire
    -red / blue sirens

    I made use of some combined effects like shaker / blower fan / gear motor and flasher lights.

    Devices supported on this table:

    Left flipper
    Right flipper
    Left slingshot
    Right slingshot
    Mid field left solenoid
    Mid field center solenoid
    Mid field right solenoid
    Back left solenoid
    Back right solenoid
    Flasher, outside left
    Flasher, inside left
    Flasher, center
    Flasher, outside right
    Flasher, inside right
    Blower Fan
    Gear Motor
    Start button
    Coin button
    Launch Ball button
    RGB Undercab Lighting

    It's getting alot easier to add DOFLinx support, though I spend more time testing, then scripting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryRed View Post
    Well, here we go with another great Future Pinball original table being given the DOFLinx treatment!

    I present to you.... ROBOCOP (Ultimate Edition) (DOFLinx - Cabinet Edition)!

    A video demonstration of the table running on my cabinet using DOFLinx can be seen here:

    So so so so AWESOME!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
    So so so so AWESOME!!!
    Thanks so much Barbie.

    Using the newest version of DOFLinx, we are now seeing a more complete cabinet experience for Pinball FX 2 as well, which includes feedback for flippers, bumpers, slingshots, and some controlled lighting as well.

    I hope we some day will be able to get the VERY nice updated lighting for Pinball FX2 (that we have seen on the VR version) implemented into the normal PC version.

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    I present another fine Future Pinball table now given the DOFLinx treatment:

    Superman (Ultimate Edition) (SLAMT1LT) (DOFLinx - Cabinet Edition)

    A video demonstration of the table running on my cabinet using DOFLinx can be seen here:

    This is another fun table that is now even better thanks to DOFLinx.

    I added animated RGB flasher effects for:

    -Superman Ball Launch
    -Machine Gun Fire
    -Regenerating Sequence
    -Ball Lock

    I made use of some combined effects like shaker / blower fan / gear motor and flasher lights.

    I made the RGB under cabinet lighting change based on events during play: Krypton Ball, Tilt, Fight, etc..

    Devices supported on this table:

    Left flipper
    Right flipper
    Left slingshot
    Right slingshot
    Mid field left solenoid
    Mid field center solenoid
    Mid field right solenoid
    Back left solenoid
    Back right solenoid
    Flasher, outside left
    Flasher, inside left
    Flasher, center
    Flasher, outside right
    Flasher, inside right
    Blower Fan
    Gear Motor
    Start button
    Coin button
    Launch Ball button
    RGB Undercab Lighting
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    Default FX2 cabinet feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
    So so so so AWESOME!!!
    Couldn't agree more! TerryRad has a great cabinet and is doing a great job contributing back to the virtual pinball cabinet community.

    The feedback from the various emulators when you have a pinball cabinet really makes it all soooo goooood! I hope one day soon we can talk to developers and get some formal hooks into Pinball FX2. This would make Pinball FX2 force feedback give us a better experience and place Pinball FX2 in a more dominant position in the virtual pinball cabinet market.

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    Tron Legacy (Ultimate 1.13) (SLAMT1LT) (DOFLinx - Cabinet Edition)

    The Ultimate Tron Legacy virtual pinball cabinet experience...and only on Future Pinball with DOFLinx!

    A video that shows off this excellent table with amazing DOFLinx cabinet effects can be seen at this link (in my cabinet) :


    - amazing animated 5 RGB flasher effects

    - RGB undercab lighting changes based on characters, multiball, and game modes

    - gear motor operates with the Recognizer's movement

    - shaker motor and blower fan operates for cinematic videos, and many table events

    - 10 solenoid support for all mechanical devices (flipper, slings, bumpers, etc)

    - beacon lights up during cinematics and certain game modes

    - strobe effects throughout

    - animated effects for: Video Game mode, Disc Wars, Clu Ball, Light Cycle Battle, Zeus multiball, Drain, Orbits, Challenge of the Grid, etc...

    - Ramp: animated flasher effects change colour based on mode and game progression

    - all effects combine for an amazing feedback and light show like no other pinball game!

    It's crazy.... there's over 1000 lines of DOFLinx commands and my own code that I put into this table!
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    Star Wars Death Star Assault (ULTIMATE 1.04) (DOFLinx - Cabinet Edition)

    The most explosive and Ultimate Star Wars pinball experience is here...and only on Future Pinball with DOFLinx!

    A video that shows off this excellent table with amazing DOFLinx cabinet effects can be seen at this link (in my cabinet) :


    - activate the Lightsabers (during attract mode) with the FIRE / 2nd flipper / Special Button
    - amazing animated 5 RGB flasher effects
    - animated explosion, Tie Fighter, and X-wing blaster RGB flashers effects
    - RGB undercab lighting changes based on the intense action
    - gear motor operates everytime R2-D2 rotates his head
    - shaker motor and blower fan operates for explosions and other table events
    - 10 solenoid support for all mechanical devices (flipper, slings, bumpers, etc)
    - beacon lights up during cinematics and certain game modes
    - strobe effects throughout
    - Start, Coin, Launch Ball button lights: flash / On / Off during table events / functions
    - Millennium Falcon Video mode!
    - Chewie gets angry if you don't give him money!
    - lots of video clips and sound effects for non-stop action!
    - all effects combine for an amazing feedback and light show!

    I was glad that I was able to get this done before I'll be gone for 4 months.

    Another great video demo that's worth watching to the end....
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    Here are a few other videos of DOFLinx FP mods I did recently for those interested....

    Bubble Bobble

    Knight Rider


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    You Have the POWER!!! with my MASTERED Edition update to "Rom's" excellent "Masters of the Universe" Future Pinball table. I've also created an "all-new" DOFLinx cabinet mod as well. This table mod is inspired by SLAMT1LT's tables as well as the newer pinball machines (from JJP, Stern, Heighway Pinball) that now use monitors instead of DMDs.

    A video demonstration that shows off all the features of the MASTERED Edition as well as the DOFLinx mod can be seen here:

    MASTERED Edition:

    - new backglass with various fanart. Formatted specifically to work with 16:9, and 4:3 screens.
    - new full motion video sequences for almost all table actions and modes. These are NEW hi-resolution video clips that now appear on the backglass (and display HUD for desktop users)
    - new info display shown on backglass
    - new sound clips

    Watch Prince Adam dance to the beat (and the animated matching flashers) of Castle Multi-Ball!

    Experience the woosh of blower-fan air from Ripper Multi-Ball.

    FEEL the POWER (and shaker motor) when you become HE-MAN and see your power emanate from the flashers.

    FEAR Skeletor as he launches his devastating 9-Ball Multi-Ball and watch him laugh at you on the backglass.

    Go beyond the days of DMDs and see full hi resolution videos and info displays on the new animated backglass.

    Don't be a cheap skate, or Skeletor will get angry!

    With 1000's of images, and new sounds...this makes for a MOTU experience like no other, and a Pinball experience found nowhere else!

    DOFLinx Cabinet Edition:

    -10 solenoid feedback for flippers, bumpers, slings, kickers, etc
    -gear motor for Castle Grayskull, Ripper, and He-Man
    -shaker motor feedback to feel the power and action
    -blower fan feedback for Ripper ramp
    -5 RGB flasher animated effects
    -RGB under cabinet lighting
    -beacon and strobe effects
    -coin, start, and launch button leds

    A normal Desktop version of the MASTERED Edition as well as a DOFLinx Cabinet version of the MASTERED Edition will be on PinSimDB when approved.

    Here are some still pics from the Desktop version.

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    Thumbs up Awesome!

    Got to tip my hat off to you mate. This is awesomeness is about to explode! Keep up the good work. I have sub'd to your YouTube channel!

    Official Pinball Guides (PFX3 etc.) - Written & Video Form

    Xbox Live = SrkToTheChin
    *Send a msg with any Friend Request!*

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    Well, I'd like to say that this post is about an upgrade to the pincab, but....

    We just moved to Ottawa this week. Its been a long couple of weeks of packing, loading, cleaning, and living in a hotel with myself, wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. VERY tiring.

    We were happy to finally take possession of our new home, and to see the moving truck arrive with all of our stuff. The move went amazingly well without any real scratches or damages to the house.

    Amazingly, our items arrived undamaged.... except for "one" thing......

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    Small video of the new mancave a total mess of course.

    Cabinet should be up and running soon....

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    Ok, so now I'm a much happier man. My mancave is mostly up and running. PinKadia is alive again, and the simpit is shaking the house again after a long absence...*driving my wife crazy!

    Here's a video tour describing what I have, and how everything works and is wired together and how VR is setup to work with everything. I show off the simpit and how my 12 transducer telemetry feedback setup works and you also get to "hear" how it works too! It is amazing combined with VR!

    If want to skip right to the simpit demo then go here....

    Just waiting for the new TV to get replaced, then I'll make a stand for that to go over the simpit to bring the screen closer. *Then the last screen and game consoles will go the the unused space.

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    A day of greatness is upon us....

    DOFLinx will soon support triggering "any" DOF device and command.

    This means that finally.... addressable leds (MX), will work with Future Pinball and Pinball FX2!

    Here's a coming soon "reveal" video I made.... "Let there be light!"

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    Masters of the Universe: Mastered. DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition

    You have the power of the ultimate light show in a pinball cabinet! This is the first Future Pinball table to use addressable leds thanks to the new DOF led MX support in DOFLinx 5.20!

    You have never seen a light show quite like this in a pinball cabinet! Amazing effects and animation that surround the playfield!

    A video demonstration can be seen here in my cabinet:

    This table has the complete cabinet feedback and lighting support for the following:

    - 10 solenoids for flipper, slingshots, bumpers, etc..
    - 5 RGB flashers
    - Blower Fan
    - Shaker
    - Gear motor
    - Strobe
    - Beacon
    - Start button
    - Coin button
    - Launch Ball button
    - RGB Undercab Lighting
    - Addressable leds


    - DOF R3 installed (for DOFLinx cabinet feedback and lighting) and addressable leds already setup and working (for MX led effects).
    - DOFlinx 5.20 or higher is REQUIRED, even if you don't have addressable leds.
    - addressable leds are NOT required to play this table, but they are HIGHLY recommended.
    - to use the addressable leds with this table you must have your DOF "config" files updated by using DOF Config Tool! (just like you would for Visual Pinball)

    To play a Future Pinball table with addressable leds support (DOFLinx MX):

    - update DOFLinx as per normal (must be 5.20 or higher). Make sure you copy over the new DOFLinx.vbs to "Future Pinball \ Scripts".
    - add DIRECTOUTPUTGLOBAL=c:\DirectOuput\Config\GLobalCon fig_b2sServer.xml (assuming you have it there) to your DOFLinx.ini file.
    - download the awesomeness of a Future Pinball DOFLinx MX table
    - check DOF Config Tool to see if support for that table has been added to it yet (you will see FP tables start with "FP:") If there are no DOF commands showing for that table, its not supported yet.
    - "Generate" a new Config File (containing directoutputconfig30.ini in the zip) and copy the new files to your "DirectOutput \ Configs" folder.
    - play the epicness that is Future Pinball with DOFLinx cabinet feedback and addressable leds!

    DOFLinx 5.20+ download link:


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    Star Wars Death Star Assault (Ultimate): DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition

    Witness the most explosive light show in a pinball cabinet thanks to the new DOF addressable led MX support in DOFLinx 5.20!

    You have never seen a light show quite like this in a pinball cabinet! Amazing effects and animation that surround the playfield!

    - Lightsabers,
    - explosions
    - X-Wing and Tie-Fighter Blasters
    - flashing words like SPECIAL, PADAWAN, JEDI, SOLO
    - targetting computer
    - video mode

    A video demonstration in my cabinet can be seen here:

    This table has the complete cabinet feedback and lighting support for the following:

    - 10 solenoids for flipper, slingshots, bumpers, etc..
    - 5 RGB flashers
    - Blower Fan
    - Shaker
    - Gear motor
    - Strobe
    - Beacon
    - Start button
    - Coin button
    - Launch Ball button
    - Fire button
    - RGB Undercab Lighting
    - Addressable leds
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    Since I haven't really done any FX2 videos for DOFLinx, I think the new release of 5.20 which supports addressable leds makes this a good reason to have a video demonstration.

    DOFLinx is part of the complete cabinet experience for Pinball FX2!

    -addressable leds
    -B2S active backglass
    -full DOF feedback and lighting support

    Add in freezy's dmdext for virtual DMD (clean round dots) or real DMD support

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    Retroflair: DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition

    Wipeout: DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition

    Witness a modern light show in a retro theme, thanks to the new DOF addressable led MX support in DOFLinx 5.20!

    A video demonstration in my cabinet can be seen here:

    These tables have the complete cabinet feedback and lighting support for the following:

    - 10 solenoids for flipper, slingshots, bumpers, etc..
    - 5 RGB flashers
    - Blower Fan
    - Shaker
    - Gear motor
    - Strobe
    - Beacon
    - Start button
    - Coin button
    - Launch Ball button
    - RGB Undercab Lighting
    - Addressable leds

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    Finally, my new screen has come in. Upgraded to a 43 inch 4K TV, and it looks beautiful. Everything is crisp and clean and smooth, no lag. Here's an updated video of the Gameroom and TerryRed Studios.....*

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    Default with Stranger Things Season 2 about to start... I thought something could use an addressable leds update! I asked ScottyWic if it would be ok for me to add custom addressable leds triggers to the table and DOF MX code to the table script and he said go for it!

    So I did!

    Note, I didn't replace or change the normal DOF (I did fix a couple DOF trigger errors). I added completely different trigger commands and "E" numbers used only for DOF MX leds. This allowed me to do whatever I wanted without interfering with what was already there. It also allows anyone who doesn't like what I did to simply erase the "MX commands" for their custom config for the table in DOF Config Tool...and simply "Generate Basic MX Config" to go back to the Basic MX Flashers emulation....but who would want that?

    The new table version 2.2 (with my DOF MX updates) was submitted to ScottyWic, so he'll be uploading it soon. I also submitted the "all new" DOF MX commands to DOF Config Tool (which REQUIRES 2.2) which is waiting approval.

    What would a TerryRed update be without a video.... here is a demo of my DOF MX mod of Stranger Things 2.2:

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    I've been a busy boy for the last few weeks...

    I'm helping Nailbuster test a new front end he's been working on called PinUP Popper!

    It's made for virtual pinball, but also can be used for probably most emulator systems, or PC Games as well.

    The video does a better job at explaining it than my typing... stuff.

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    Some long overdue cabinet upgrades are coming...

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    Stranger Things: Stranger Edition!

    A video demo of ScottyWic's fantastic Stranger Things: Stranger Edition table for VPX..... featuring DOF, MX Leds, and PinUP Player awesomeness!

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    Progress is slow....but the plunger is done...

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    Into the abyss of the inside of my cabinet...

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    Default that I had some time....yes...after 3 years...the cab is shaking!!! I finally installed a real Stern Shaker Motor.

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    So after almost 3 years it finally happened.

    I now have a lockdown bar.... as well as a new 1 player - 2 stick control panel (instead of the monster 2 player - 3 stick 1000 button panel).

    The 2nd stick is still great for MAME 2 stick games, but is awesome for pinball games like The Getaway! But there's a twist!

    Presenting the world's first control panel blower fan vent. This works so much better for me than having it come out through the coin return or on top of the cab!

    Is all of this goofy and different than everyone else's cab? Yup...what else would you expect from me?

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    Hey TerryRed! Congratulations, great job! Wow!

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