ive loved zen pinball on xbox so decided to get it for my ps3 i baught marvel pinball and vengeance & virtue ETC and i am problems with vengeance & virtue pack while i was installing it a eror message came up (wich i cant remember but i think it started with 800) i tried again wich installed (it jumped from 47% to 100% ) i was playing ghost rider and did 5 laps of the jump ramp (u need 3 for trophy) but it hasnt unlocked before thaq i was playing XMEN wich also had a wierd glitch on it the trophy for getting 3 xmen didnt unlock till i unlocked the letter X (after phoenix mode) wich left me with the letter M (final clash was lit) so i did that and deafeted magneto (wich also gave the wo trophies pinball wizard with 3 balls and finally defeat magneto) i have a post on psn profiles about it

i havent played thor or moonknight as they crash the PS3 on launching the tables

and you can check out my profile here


i am prepared for the onslaut of cheater messages and such but it is a genuine glitch or error
someone posted saying i should delete all the game daa and probably reinstall the game or is so far gone i should ebuy it on a different account?

cheers guys