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    as a long time PBA Player i finally tried Pinball Fx 2 and i find the nudging a bit weird. Why can i nudge 2 times quickly in a row without any Problem and if i nudge 2 mins later i get a Tilt? Why does the nudge has almost no effect on the Ball path? Am i missing something?

    never mind ,forgot about the old 3rd nudge and youre out thingy.
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    Whilst this is a late response, actually if done right you can nudge more than 3 times. It all depends on how hard you do it. I can usually lightly nudge a rolling ball from one flipper to another 5-6 times in a row before the warning goes from lowercase to uppercase. But if doing it with full power you're out in 3.

    The biggest differance in my experience nudging in Pinball FX2 vs. PBA and real tables is that in Pinball FX2 it's only really useful to nudge for bounces, whilst in PBA and real tables you can slightly change the course of a ball by nudging rather hard even on the open playfield.

    That being said, there does seem to be a differance (for me at least) playing with a Xbox 360 controller on Win8/win10 or playing with a Xbox One controller on Win8/Win10 and Xbox One, it is easier with the 360 controller. I don't know why but it feels like the direction of the left stick seems very precise on the One controller where as the 360 controller you always get full power. After being used to the "proper" direction on the one it does feel just as good to me. So you could always try with a 360 controller if you have one.

    A bit long winded for a short question but thought I'd give my input incase someone else reads this as well.


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