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Thread: Hotseat Score of multiple people

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    Lightbulb Hotseat Score of multiple people

    Hi, I can't crawl the forum good enough to detect if this is asked before,

    But I play almost only hotseat mode, and as far as I know there isn't an option to see all players scores at all time. We would really like that option to have all scores visible. Often when something happens nobody is paying attention, and than you don't know the score.

    The 'race track' indicator is nice, but useless if you don't know how many million you are behind, so I rather see 4 numbers at all time. Would be nice to be able to drag it to another monitor (just like the dmd) but I guess I am asking to much now .

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    Bump; I'm the only one playing hotseat ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarijnStevens View Post
    Bump; I'm the only one playing hotseat ?
    Sorry for the late response - I have sent your feedback to the team!

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