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Thread: I keep running out of money.

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    Default I keep running out of money.

    I am level 45 and I never have enough money to raise my 5 primary fighters never mind upgrade the other 10 or so that I have. Can you sell off spare parts? What is the best way to raise money. Yesterday I sat there and watched a bunch of movies to get to 750 plasma to buy $500k but I spent that in 5 minutes just maxing my top 5 fighters. I am getting so frustrated I might remove the game.

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    The best way is to to replay the Funding Challenge which is available 3 days per week (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday). This challenge gives only money as a reward. If you're VIP Level 6 or greater, then you can re-play it again on the same day by resetting the challenge's counter. I hope that helps!

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    Default Thanks..

    Thanks for the info.

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