The current last Mother Ship Invasion wasn't very well designed. I was doing very well first 6 hours and spent to refuel. However, it was like banging your head against the wall. It was way too repetitive to keep me interested, so I thought we should give suggestions on what would make the game better.

PVP - I wish there was a true PVP component to the game. Put players in ranking of levels by 5. Random draw and compete a against true player. Spend 10 plasma to play. Winner gets 15 plasma. Looser gets 0. Zen Studios real winner off every match.

Prior Ship rewards - you compete and spend money on ships early in the game and find out at the end the ships are worthless unless full capacity in blueprints. Allow event to complete some of the earlier ships blueprints. I saw a message on in-game that you were going to allow Marine One to come back. However, that didn't happen. I thought that was a good idea.

What are your suggestions for Zen Studios to improve the game?