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    Hello everyone,

    New here so I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum. I've looked at others pinball forums, but get easily confused because I'm not doing anything else besides FX2.
    My family has been playing FX2 and we all enjoy it, so I wanted to build a cabinet.

    I have no problem with the computer, software, monitor setups; my main hang up is what controllers to use?

    I see LED-Wiz+GP, virtua pin plunger control board, and even xbox controllers torn down to map to buttons.

    What I am looking for, is ease of setup for FX2.
    I'm no electrical expert, so I'm willing to pay for kits and other's experience.
    I know none of this is supported, but I would like the possibility for force feedback or DOF? Question mark because I don't fully understand DOF.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you don't need a plunger, go for an ipac-2. It's the oldest controller I'm using in my cabinet, fully programmable, and runs without any issues.
    If you want nudging you can slaughter an x-box controller or get an plunger kit.
    I myself use an plunger kit in addition to the ipac-2, the ipac gives me a shift function which saves me from installing a few extra buttons on my cab.

    Plunger kits I've had so far, none of witch I'm really happy with:
    Nanotech DIY Plunger Kit: Decent Plunger, very bad acceleration sensors for nudging
    VirtuaPin Plunger Kit v1: Didn't work for me at all, the current version should be better.
    Zebulon's Plunger Kit: Good nudging, the plunger would be good if it weren't for the reset this thing does after two seconds. If you pull the plunger and wait a bit, like for the skill shot on Congo, it shoots the ball automatically. Many people can live with that but I find it extremely annoying.

    Next up for me:
    MJR's KL25Z based plunger/Pinscape Controller. This is d-i-y, the KL25Z plunger can be build very cheap.

    As for DOF, ignore it for now, its an option you can add later. It runs best with Visual Pinball, Pinball FX2 doesn't have native support but there are a few applications to give it basic functions.

    If you want to use Visual Pinball I would recommend installing two sound systems, one for backbox/ROM sounds and one for the cabinet/mechanical sounds.

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