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Thread: Battle Heroes Community Group in Facebook!

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    Default Battle Heroes Community Group in Facebook!

    as title said , I just created a community group for the game in Facebook , everybody is invited to join it , so that we can share stuff about the game there and open the doors of this game to more people.

    so far as I have seen , there is only one Hungarian Group with 3 members , thats why I decided to create the group.

    I hope that the devs and the community manager of this forum are OK with it and that there isn't any problem to announce the group here , if it is a problem , just delete it ...

    this is the adress of the group :

    the adress is provisional , still trying to give it a proper adress and subject to being changed , somehow facebook doesn't accept any of the names I chose , but once I am able to do it , I will change it ....

    as said , everybody is welcome to join the group , let's build a great community and helping the game to grow

    greetings people , waiting for you there ...
    Independence Day Resurgence:Battle Heroes - players community ... feel free to join

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    sadly , only 3 guys joined the group , looks like no one is even interested in forming a community for this game , sad but true.
    will close the group in a few days ...

    just a question for the Dev's , have you any plan to release an update anytime soon? or the 3 alien-ships you didn't released yet , I mean the Alien Attacker KIN , Alien Bomber EXP and the Alien Gunship KIN , this 3 ships aren't here yet , any plans for it?

    just a little suggestion , can you add some other nationalities , I mean , some Latinamerican Pilot that's not from USA , or some Arabic or African pilot , or some Italian , Dutch , Portuguese , Polish , Ukranian or from other european nations , we have a lot of USA-pilots , some french , german , british , russian , chinese , canadian , australian , even an irish , japanese , spanish and hungarian pilot , but somehow you didn't added any pilot from arabic nations (Egypt per example) , Israel isn't here neither , some african pilot(southafrica,angola,kenya,mali,senegal etc.) would be nice or a pilot from Mexico , Cuba or any other latinamerican nation , you know , so much nations to pick pilots from , please , no more US , British , French and German pilots , we have enough of them , xD ...

    Independence Day Resurgence:Battle Heroes - players community ... feel free to join

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