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Thread: Need help. Just bought a table, so where is it?

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    Default Need help. Just bought a table, so where is it?

    Ok I only now, HOURS later got a receipt from the app store. Pay pal took seconds, apple took hours.
    So I HAVE purchased one of the two south park tables.

    WHERE DO I FIND IT????????
    When I go to look in the game under restore my purchases, I'm prompted to log in with my apple id. TWICE.
    Then absolutely nothing happens. Turn on the game again, and if I look under all my games the only one showing up is the free one. NOT the one I purchased.

    This is very frustrating and I hoped to have this working BEFORE Christmas. I could have driven to another county and bought a game faster than this. NO help to be found (right before Christmas, not really expecting it.)

    I can say this much, this is the last time. And if this doesn't get resolved on Monday I'll contact pay pal, reverse the charge, and that's it for me. What should have taken a few minutes just isn't worth the hassle.
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