I finished at 55-56% (only fought 8 battles the 1st day , won only 2) and it's supposed that I should get 20 shards and 150K money plus some cristals , but didn't get anything at all , no message , nada.

anyone else didn't got it?

other thing , forum seems almost dead , no one is posting anymore , the guy that lost his progress posted twice and not even a response from forum-managers , what's going on?

I am pretty close to quit the game as may others already did , because of no communication from dev-team or forum-management , no news about future updates , nothing , such things make people quit a game. I don't say it in a negative matter , just try to be constructive in some way , but looks like you don't even care anymore about the forum and your player-base , just makes me sad , because this game is really good and has some real potential.
but nothing new since a long time , no content , no new ships or events , just all weeks the same events on and on , starts to be boring guys.
and yeah , more communication would be appreciated , you did fine month back , but suddenly you just go silent , thats not good ...