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Thread: Pinball FX2 VR + VR pin cabinet = best virtual pinball experience ever!

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    Default Pinball FX2 VR + VR pin cabinet = best virtual pinball experience ever!

    So for the past month or so I've been tinkering around with building a VR pinball (+ mame) cabinet controller. The cabinet was made locally by someone who makes professional grade restoration pinball and MAME cabinets, it's made exactly to the specs of the first 10" of a real pinball cabinet. I primed the cabinet, sprayed it a metallic blue color and then clear coated it. Wiring up the buttons wasn't too difficult and thanks to the Teency-LC with PinSim software installed the whole thing is plug and play once everything is wired up. Below are links for the cabinet instructions (thanks Jeremy @!), the buttons I used (recommended by cabinet maker, they work great) and the type of wired I used for wiring up the buttons.

    I did add a few more items to make the cabinet feel more like a real pinball machine. I added a real lockdown bar and coin door. I also plan to add side rails using some old side rails off of one of my real pinball machines.

    This morning I was able to give the cabinet a try in Pinball FX2 VR. Just wow. Pinball FX2 with a VR cabinet controller is easily the best virtual pinball experience I've had. I can't wait to try more tables once they are released.




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    That's really, really cool! I'm curious, would it be possible to rig up an actual plunger that could mimic the in game plunger's movement?

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    What an absolutely fantastic idea, I am jealous of you guys.. with your building skills!

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    Default My Playstation Version

    With the help of a very good friend, and quite by accident*, I've (he's) built a Playstation version of this using a Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting board. That was the only board that let us attach a real analogue plunger.

    There were a few technical issues, but now we're ready to build the final controller. At the moment it's just a test rig that sits on a bench (see below).

    As soon as he's over his injury, it will be built:

    * By "by accident" i mean I was asking around about an analogue Hand Brake to use with a PS4 and found one, but when asking on the forums whether it was the right one, one user mentioned that it looks like they used a Brook fighting board for the internals. When looking at the brook site I noticed the PS4+ Audio board had connections for R3, which is used for the analogue plunger in PBFX. So I asked my friend whether we could use it to build a PS Pinsim and he said "sure, why not? wouldn't hurt to try". He's now in a mental institution and the rest is history.

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