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Thread: Loving this game

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    Cool Loving this game

    I'm really loving this game with all the DLC; playing it on Steam VR with my Oculus CV1.

    I'm enjoying all the tables, very addictive.
    I really like the Mars table.

    Please make more tables with big pumping sound.

    Thank you for this great game!


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    I feel the same way. I really enjoyed the original set of tables and this weekend finally purchased the additional 6 tables. Wow they are just amazing. I kept saying "wow", "oh my god", "this is incredible" with each new table. The extra details outside of the tables is just so appreciated. Really just a fantastic game and wonderful set of tables.

    I actually never played a computer pinball game before buying FX2 VR, and I can't imagine that playing them on a flat screen is even remotely comparable to playing in true 3d within a VR headset.

    Anxiously awaiting season 2!

    Only bad part ... I'm still playing on my DK2. This is because I have the DK2 set up at a computer that's easier to sit at. Also the DK2 actually has better lenses than my Vive; colors are brighter in the DK2 and there are no annoying fresnel lens artifacts. Only problem is the very severe pixellation/screen door in the DK2. Maybe someday I'll try to get it going with my Vive.

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    Thanks for the kind words!

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