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Thread: No More Barbie?

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    Default No More Barbie?

    What happened to Barbie? Is she still with you guys? She just hit her 5year anniversary there in Feb and she seemed excited about it. If she's gone I hope it was a mutual decision. She'll be missed.

    In case she sees this: Goodbye BB! Thanks for all your hard work over the years!

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    The new rep said that he/she didn't want to talk about it in another thread, so it looks like she no longer works for the company.

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    Hi guys!

    Yes, she no longer works with Zen sadly. I'm sure she appreciates your kind words, Hunter!

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    Wow it's been a while since I've last posted. I didn't know Barbie left. I'm sad to hear that. She was excellent and was loved here. I hope wherever she is, she's happy. Wish her the best.

    McLovin I haven't introduced myself. I'm Rafie (Ray-fee). Been here for a few years. Oh and since now you're here. I would like to advocate again for a Hanna Barbera 4 pack table. Or a 3 pack. At least a 2 pack. LOL One of them has to be Scooby Doo. I know..I know I just met you and I'm already asking for things. Hahaha I bugged Barbie for years with this. Welcome McLovin!
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