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Thread: Error on Launch need some help (d3d error)

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    Default Error on Launch need some help (d3d error)

    Hi Pinball FX community,

    I have an issue and for some reason I cannot get Pinball FX 2 to run, I've searched this error on the forum but so far I've come up empty. What I find odd is I can run the windows 10 version without issue but for some reason the steam version keeps throwing the below error. I attempted to manually specify the monitor resolution through launch options as well as trying to use the dx9 launch options. I've also tried a lower resolution and nothing seems to be working. I'm running windows 10 64 bit with 8GB RAM i3.


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    Default Pinball FX2 Steam Not Launching on Win10 x64 Pc

    Hello...I have been having problems launching PFX2. I don't get any error messages. After clicking the launch button, the screen flashes 2 or 3 times then reverts back to "Ready to play" screen. Reinstall Steam, Pinball FX2 app, Updated drivers. Then I noticed my Retrak BT Game controller shows up twice in controller detection tab. I tried removing 1 but both are removed. Rebooted and reinstalled the controller with same results. How do I get rid of the "ghost controller"? What resolutions are supported?
    Any log files to send? Thank you, Bob.

    HP Pavilion HPE Pc Model# H81230
    Win10 Pro x64, AMD FX6120 @ 3.5Mhz
    10Gb DDR3 RAM, 2TB WD Hard drive,
    Nvidia Geforce GT 620, Beats Audio on board sound.

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