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Thread: Just one Pinball FX3 question.

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    Default Just one Pinball FX3 question.

    I have just st one question that I need help on as I've been getting mixed answers. And sorry for my confusion but I'm a console guy, not a PC gamer.
    I literally just bought a digital pinball cabinet right before this announcement of Pinball FX3, the cabinet came with a PC running Windows 7, and a Steam account to play Pinball FX2. Well the announcement states which platforms it's coming to, two of which are stated are Windows 10, and Steam. Well I obviously don't have Windows 10 so,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Will I be able to play Pinball FX3 running through Steam on Windows 7 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danzig View Post
    Will I be able to play Pinball FX3 running through Steam on Windows 7 ?
    Yes! There will be a windows 10 store version separately.

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    Default Thank you

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    deep, please confirm this? There is a thread on your Facebook page that says only Win 10 is supported, even on Steam.

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    Minimum requirements state its XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 compatible.

    The only significant change is with GPU requirements upped to DirectX11 only.

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