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Thread: Infinite Minigolf PSVR Review

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    Red face Infinite Minigolf PSVR Review

    Hey everyone, if anyone is interested what Infinite Minigolf is like on the Playstation VR. I have spent many hours making this review for it. I hope you find it useful

    What do you guys think of it so far? Are you enjoying it?

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    Nice review and he pinpoint what I already have been onto. The camera angles are NOT good in this game,among other things...
    All the little errors and issues about this game should have been fleshed out and removed,before the game was launched.
    As it is's a B product and can't be what the developers hoped and aimed for.
    I guess the thought of quick cash was more important than a quality release.....

    I mentioned that the issues have to be sorted out quick..or the game will be dead online...

    Don't think they have much time left to fix this.

    How it is possible to give thus game 8 out of 10 is beyond he. I will give it a 5 for trying and at a home game it fares a little better than online. But with all issues it is not good enough to be bought. The review mention "it's the only Minigolf game you need". I would the state it's in,you do not need it..yet.
    If they fix the issues..Yes then the game will be great. But I can not recommend a rushed ,half-baked game that will just frustrate you as a player in its current state......y
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