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Thread: Infinite Minigolf - PS4

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    Cool Infinite Minigolf - PS4

    Hi and first let me thank you for creating a sequel
    And that is not easy consider the perfect one on the ps3.

    i got two question.

    1. please add some more audio/music tracks, only one over and over and over again kan make people consider suicide if you play may holes :P

    2. This is important. IF you gonna even try compete and get up to ps3 legend GET MOTION CONTROLLER support PLEASE
    I realy realy love that on the ps3 it's made for each other match made in heaven

    and a tip. if you play two people local with two controller and i got a powerup the other guy can use it if he push x and realy F up hole for the other guy and ofcource vice versa.

    Kepp up the good work.


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    Hi Kenneth,

    thanks for the suggestions we will filter them in with the feedback we receive.

    We will have new themes coming out, and we are working on an update too.

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