Our beloved Deep embarked on a quest to tweak our tables for the new release, and fix a few bugs as well while he's at it.

All tables
- New lighting engine and polished graphics
- Slingshots and bumpers tuned up to match the newer tables and real life pinballs

Wild West Rampage
- Right outlane is now more forgiving
- Multiplier targets are easier to hit
- Rampage Multiball locking is easier if the multiball didn't start
- 1 Duel win instead of 3 and 5-way combo instead of 10 needed for light extraballs
- Skillshot scores got some balanced values

- Ball saver will be activated once out of 5 completed JADE rollovers (random), other 4 completition gives various scores
- Fixed a bug where the Multiball started with 3 balls instantly instead of 2.
- Multiball starting were balanced: the idol stays open longer at start, but the light lock targets need to be hit once more after every ended multiball (max 5)

- Right sinkhole is more accessible
- Spindisks are now actually working
- Fixed an issue where a CAST hole hit gave 2 letters at a time
- Balanced the CAST ball saver award to give ball save 2 times out of 6 completition (random), the rest gives 100K

- Main mode about to start is now random with every start of the game.
- Next main mode will be automatically chosen after completing one.
- Main mode starter minigame is a bit easier
- Multiball jackpots are balanced, higher jackpots at start but they reset with every start of the multiball
- The spinner holds the ball for a shorter time now and gives ball saver after 100K points made with it, raises a bit after every activation

- The table is globally now more accessible, easier to hit lanes

Sorcerer's Lair
- The ball that drains through the left outlane right after hitting a bumper will be saved
- Bones main mode is easier to complete
- Right loop hit corrected so the ball will go around as it should
- Fixed a bug where the table couldn't nudged for couple of seconds after a cellar mode
- Collecting obsidians balanced: they will reset after the second time the table gets completed (finished Midnight mode) to prevent exploiting their bonus

- Fixed various bugs:
- Extra-tilt warning (Mutation reward) doesnt work on FX3 (this reward gives normally 3 nudges before tilt on FX2).
- Mini-bug (on FX2 too) : Super skillshot (double skillshot) gives no points when a ball is locked in the tubular.
- Mini-bug (on FX2 too) : when a creature is born (after 3 tuchs) the dmd shows the message "and now for the genetic sequencing" and if the ball is in the jar in the same time to start a mission, we cant see the chosen mission (hidden by the message).
- Precision on the bug activation of Wheel multiball during the Reflex upgrade : the wheel multiball can be activated doing 4x combos, so when we do it on the Reflex upgrade, that starts a multiball.
- Bug with the activation of wheel in motion multiball during the Reflexes ugrade.

- Ball saver timer in Wizard mode shortened

- Fixed a bug where after launching the ball on Justice mini-game the flippers didn't work anymore and the ball got lost
- Romulus Jackpot score balanced to match other scores of the table

- Easier to hit the cross ramp

- Vertical mini playfield easier to play
- Jackpot raising with the spinner got balanced

Marvel: Ant-Man
- The multi-billion shots in wizard mode got balanced

Marvel: Fear Itself
- Raft mode base score balanced

Marvel: Thor
- Fixed an issue where the right kickback shot the ball to the drain

Marvel: Moon Knight
- Fixed a bug where the Encircled mode remained lit once it got started

Marvel: Iron Man
- Main modes can be started easier
- Lanes can be hit a bit easier
- Locker drop target is now more forgiving when hit

Marvel: Spider-Man
- Right sinkhole is more accessible now

Marvel: Doctor Strange
- Hitting the lanes are smoother
- Starting main modes are a bit easier

Marvel: Fantastic Four
- New fire effects
- Bumper and combo scores got balanced
- Scores during The Doctor Doom main mode gives bigger scores, completing it gives 4 million instead of 0

Marvel: Civil War
- Hitting the lanes are smoother
- Fixed a score exploit what could occur shooting the right sinkhole enough times, score capped at 1M instead of 4M

Marvel: Captain America
- Main mode completition scores splitted to make them available during the mode with progressing shots

Star Wars: Droids
- Main mode starting is a bit easier

Star Wars: Episode IV A new hope
- Death Star multiball starting balanced, needs more and more bumper hits after every start
- Death Star multiball jackpot exploit prevented with a diverter on the jackpot ramps

Star Wars: Masters of the Force
- Hitting the lanes are smoother

Star Wars: Darth Vader
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the Target Drill bonus got hold on next ball
- Target Drill score capped to prevent exploiting

Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
- Main mode scores got balanced (raised)
- Scene 6 can be selected from the beginning
- Fixed a bug where the end of ball bonus scores did not reset after TILT
- Cloud City multiball can be started easier at first, gets harder with further starts

Star Wars: Rogue One
- Wizard mode scores balanced a bit, scoop won't give the ball back always to the right arm to prevent exploiting

Star Wars: Clone Wars
- Exploit prevented by caping the scores in Citadel side-mission

Skyrim Pinball
- Starting of the Dovahkiin Multiball got balanced. The lit locks won't disappear after locking a ball, but it demands more hits to light them after the first and second start of the multiball.
- Refined the working of flashig lights by default

Doom Pinball
- Fixed a bug where the mini playfield gave too high score.