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Thread: "Allow Game Launch" popup after last "up"grade

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    Default "Allow Game Launch" popup after last "up"grade

    The latest Steam update in the last couple of days has broken the ability to be able to start Pinball FX2 from a menu like PInballX. For pinball cabinet owners this is horrible.

    When launched from a front end Steam is trying to pop a box with "Allow Game Launch". On my system I can't even swap to this window and consent as it doesn't show properly.

    Its definitely the Steam update as I've rolled back and disabled further updates and that has fixed it. Of course, that is going to make it really hard for me to buy new content, not to mention FX3!

    I hope this bug and the need for consent for launching from a menu can be fixed ASAP, its nothing short of show stopper for a cabinet owner trying to enjoy their Steam FX2 games.

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    Yeah this is a bug it seems as i too have the same issue. Hope it gets fixed.

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